Is it possible to recover data after reformat?

Is it possible to recover data after reformat?
  For better understanding:

      Formatting- first time the procedure is performed on a drive.
      Reformatting-a hard drive that has been previously formatted and run it through the format process again.

Yes, if you are a computer specialist it is easy to recover  whether format or  reformatting your computer though the files is invisible in the system.Reformat hard drive vista is not a solution when you want to get rid off your computer. That's why,most people buys a software that is totally wiped the entire drive.

Nowadays,proper education is important to protect your personal data or  from identity theft.I understand now why my hubby bought a software before he sold his old computer.Keep in mind that better safe than sorry at the end.

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  1. This is very true! Madaming scandal ang kumalat dahil sa mga files na inakala ng nabura... haha! Chos lang!