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Things to do in Palawan for family

Are you looking for fun things to do in Palawan, Philippines. Having kids and travel planning could be a headache once in a while.Palawan is a great way for spending a vacation with your whole family even if you are in a budget travel or want to break the bank.

Palawan, Philippines have been attracted many visitors/tourist because of the Underground River that has included in the 7 wonders 2012.
As a parents who tries to find friendly things to do for kids is a stressful just to make sure everyone is happy and contented from food, sightseeing and accommodation without breaking the budget.

Things to do in Palawan  for family:

1. Puerto Princesa Underground River-As a Filipino you should check and visits the Underground River as this is your pride that included in new 7 wonders.This type of tours included boating, caves and National Parks located in Puerto Princesa,Philippines.

2Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservation Centre-If you get tired in ocean and want something different, this is for you the Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservation Centre is breeding the crocodile and teaching your kids about crocodile.

3. Palawan Museum- If you think you're kids would love museums this is another fun things to do for family where you can give your kids an idea about the ethnological and archaeological history of the island province. 

4.  Water sports in El Nido-El Nido is another water sports fun things to do in Palawan like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, mountain and cliff climbing, and trekking.

5. Go wreck diving in Busuanga- as today's generation kids would love to go diving  and this is one of the  popular tourist activity that makes the island a favorite holiday destination for snorkeling, scuba.



  1. Ang ganda don:) we've been in underground river and crocodile farm:)

  2. 6 years ago nung huli ako nagpunta ng palawan! I'd like to go back. marami ako relatives dun.

  3. Planning to visit Palawan hopefully next year :) if God's willing.

  4. Never been there yet. I wish next year... :)

  5. I haven't been to anywhere in Palawan.. Sana din next year!

    Merry Christmas, Mhie! Late na ang greetings ko pero I sure hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your family! Advance Happy New Year too! Love and hugs from me!! Mwah!