12 Worst Family Travel Moments of 2012

12 Worst Family Travel Moments of 2012
Looking back to 2012 has ups and downs,indeed, it's a great year though we had have all worst memories I  want to share during our travel on 2012.

1.My car totaled:
      We had  a car accident  around Tennessee and that was the worst day  I ever had and we were all Thankful to God we are all safe except minor and felt sore from head to toe. What happen? My car was rear-ended.

Tips: When you buy a car make sure you have a 5 car crash ratings.Always check you mirror, you never know what kind of people behind you.And avoid people who tailgate you.

2.Motion in sickness:
      When we went to Alabama my daughter got motion in sickness and vomit inside the car. The worst is we used my hubby's sports car and I cant go to the back seat considering it is a small car and there is no emergency stop area in the hilly area.

Tips:Don't panic. Slow down and make sure to stop immediately in a safe area.

3.Running out of the gas- We almost empty our gas tank and we were so scared to stop in any exit just to get a gas considering we don't see any signs that there is a gas station.

Tips:If you like to go on road trip make sure to fill your tank when it is half. Don't wait when it is empty.

4.Looking for a hotel and end-up in a motel feel unsafe-My husband is looking for a specific hotel considering we are a member in a specific hotel and we could get perks like free hotel. The problem is when you just looking a hotel in the road is not always reliable and we end-up in the motel that we feel we were unsafe considering we drove a sports car and we don't have a choice its late and we were both had along day.

Tips: When you see a hotel you want to sleep in the road grab it and don't wait in the last minute  that you feel you have no choice. 

5.Foggy areas and almost end up in the ditch-If boredom strikes,we hit the road without any plan and the worst is the foggy areas and almost end up in the ditch just to find a local winery.

Tips: Reduce your speed and make sure you turn on your fog lights and use low beams.Always plan before you go then checked the weather.

6.No stroller-We were felt so-so to brought  the stroller in our Disney Dream cruise  vacation and we decided not to brought it.We were unhappy campers in our excursion in Bahamas plus all day rain.

Tips: Bring your stroller in Disney Dream Cruise and also in your excursion in Bahamas this will easier for you (parents) and your kid's.

7.Unpredictable weather- we went to see my friend in Cocoa beach,Florida, to enjoy the beach and boating and our planned was cancelled as it rain all day.

Tips: Always prepare for unpredictable weather.

8.Turnpike-we missed our exit and the worst we were approaching another toll plazas and we don't have any coins left and there are no staffed during that night.

Tips: If you're in Florida make sure you have cash on hand, turnpike is everywhere in Florida. 

9.Snow Storm-driving in snow storm is not fun and you could see cars in the ditch.

Tips: Make sure to leave plenty of room to stop and you must know how drive in a snowy weather.

10.Driving in Heavy rain-We hit the heavy rain around Tennessee after our vacation from Florida.Rain and high winds are not fun and scary.

Tips: Be aware of vehicles around you.

11.GPS dead-As you know we were 99 percent rely on GPS if we are on the road trip.Got a new GPS and worked all the way to Key West,Florida and when we went back home,geez! the GPS dead and the worst part we have a maps backed up, so we have to stopped and bought a map.

Tips: If you're in a Welcome Centre,grab a map and it's free.

12. Throwing your money away-Booking excursions is like throwing your money away when the rain comes in in the midst of  tour.

Tips:If you are a camera addict like me you'll not enjoy if rain comes  but if you're happy in the history then it is all worth. 

Travelentz is not always a happy campers, we do had have our worst day in our travel moments. How about you? do you have any  12 Worst Family Tavel Moments of 2012? 


  1. I don't have Worst Family Tavel Moments. Move on na tayo sa 2013. Btw nice photos. Ganda ng kuha. Happy New Year!

  2. Wow! Naiiba eto mhie. Mostly we look back sa mga good moments. But Im glad that you and your family are safe. Happy new year:)

    1. hehhee,oo nga,kasi mostly people doesn't want to remember the worst in their lives but I look at it as positive way.

  3. Wala akong worst family travel moments, e kasi hindi ko pa rin naman afford na i-out of town buong family ko, pero gusto ko sana, pag yumaman ako, hehe.. Pinaka-haggard siguro yung nabangga kayo, so always keep safe.. And Happy New Year, Mhie! Hugs!

  4. Every travel has its "bloopers". But the good thing is you learn from all that went wrong on each journey. More adventures to come this 2013! Happy New Year, sis!

  5. So true not all traveling moments will end up to be a joyful one, but to learned from mistakes will make you a better travel person.

  6. looking back to the memories we have makes us smile for it brings us the time of laughter or sorrows...

  7. Very good tips, I remember when we went to Florida, we were driving around the city and the daughter decided to have her business. We had to pull under the bridge just so I could clean her up because she was crying. Traveling with kids is challenging.

  8. The worst travel moment my family ever experienced was when we were almost caught in the middle of a flash flood because of sudden heavy downpour and to think we were just traveling within Metro Manila. That was probably one of the times where I prayed the hardest. Our car was one of the last ones which made it to a higher level.

  9. So far I don't have any recollection of the worst family travel since we don't travel that much this 2012.

    Despite what happened in your travels, it is good to know that you have all overcame it. Doble ingat na lang sa mga future travels at least there are lots of lessons learned from your worst experiences.

    Happy New Year to you and to your whole family. Hugs!

  10. Yey, nagbalik kana hehe. Happy New Year mhie! Love the first photo. Last year a korean girl bumped into our car sa back, sumakit neck ko sa lakas ng impact. Minor lang naman but sana dina maulit. Btw nice idea itong year end post mo, unlike others puro masasaya lang.

    1. Oo, balik naman si ako.hehhe.sana nga dearie, mahirap kasi pag mabangga yong car natin aside yong mga sakit ng katawan at hassle sa insurance ;)

  11. Happy new year sis! Let's capture a hoto a day for 2013 so we will have more memories to keep after the year ends..