Looking a best gadget in music?

Looking a best gadget in music is not easy. You need a lot of research, trial and error before you get what you want.Some musician get the mpc 5000 for more advance. I know some musician spend more money  just to get the best mpc 5000 for there career.No doubt about it.If this will give you more peace of mind while composing and recording your own music why not spend more.If you get a lot of used and it produce a good quality then get it.

Well, composing songs  doesn't run in our blood nor playing an instrument.I am amazed how people could composed a song and sing beautifully without stressing themselves. Some are born to be a star while some of us are born to be a fan. 

Whether, what you do in life the most important you love and enjoy what you do. We don't need to keep with other Jones and Joneses.


  1. I can relate mhie dahil I have a terrible voice. So I am a fan, not the celebrity, but I am enjoying my life:)
    Have a nice week end Mhie:)

  2. Goodluck on your search, Mhie. I rely on my brothers when it comes to hunting musical gadgets and stuff. They are in a band and they sure knows a lot about these kind of stuff. They can compose songs and can play various musical instruments. So it helps when you have talented members of the family :-) While they are the stars in their own right, my Mom is happy to be a stage mother while I am the happy fan :-)

  3. nice thought mhie, musta kana? merry christmas to you and your family.