Zion National Park, Utah with Kids

It was a quick stop in Zion National Park, Utah with Kids last September.This trip going to Zion National Park was not a plan or included in our road trip itinerary  and the easiest way to go to Grafton-Utah Ghost Town is to drive through the Zion National Park,Utah. I was so excited because I heard it in one of my friends and saw on books.Since we are there we explore the Zion and I amazed all the formations,colors and textures.

According to wikipedia :The geology of the Zion and Kolob canyons area includes 9 formations that together represent 150 million years of mostly Mesozoic-aged sedimentation. At various periods in that time warm, shallow seas, streams, ponds and lakes, vast deserts, and dry near-shore environments covered the area. Uplift associated with the creation of the Colorado Plateaus lifted the region 10,000 feet (3,000 m) starting 13 million years ago.

The Zion–Mount Carmel Highway can be visited year-round and is restricted to day time, as visitors  travel through the tunnel is one way.

We paid 25 bucks and good for 7 days passes.

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive shuttle system:
Starting  April through  October, visitors are not allowed to drive their vehicles along this 6-mile stretch of road called Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.The only they can use is the complimentary shuttle or tram that is provided in the park. If you want to know more or use your own vehicle you should get a permit in the Zion office.
The place is impressive and we're planning to go back and spend more time in Utah. There are a lot things to do.




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