11 countries in one day

11 pavilion countries in one day, imagine that? What I mean, we went in Epcot Disney World with my  husband, and one of the attraction is the World Showcase of 11 pavilion countries. The World Showcase in Epcot features the cuisine, shops, rides and shows. The staffed in  the World Showcase is local people in its countries so you will definitely feel you've visited  the  country because they serves   local food, snacks and beverages of their own country as they wear their national costume.

1. The American Adventure- shows the  Audio-Animatronics stage show of  American History.The biggest Candlelight Processional takes after Thanksgiving until December 30.
2. Norway-The designed is looks like a Norwegian Village.One of our favourite World Showcase and rode the Maelstrom ride that took us back to a mythological version of Norway's Viking days.It was thrill riding the boats plunge forward into the stormy North Sea. They have two dining,restaurant Akershus and Kringla Bakeri og Kafe.
3. Mexico-the World Showcase is the pavilion of  Mesoamerican pyramid. You can enjoy shopping in  twilight-lit Mexican marketplace, Plaza de los Amigos  and don't miss the boat ride that  will shows   with dancing animatronics and a Donald Duck piƱata.It is cool.
4. China-is the replica of Temple of Heaven. Here, you can enjoy the museums containing several ancient Chinese artifacts, scenery and dining.

5. Italy-Italian architecture such as the Neptune Fountain and enjoy  some goodies like candies and wine.We dine-in in the restaurants and reserves our seat enable to get a table.
6. Germany-The main attraction is Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. We bought some chocolate and haribo gummy bears to recharge after walking all day.
7. Japan- when you walked to the entrance to the courtyard is the replica of Japanese Pagoda.We enjoyed the Matsuriza- traditional Taiko drummers and a Japanese Storytellers. I bought green tea.
8. Canada-the main attraction is the Canada scenery like waterfall, garden and Totem Poles.
9. France-if you're tired now, you can dine in and enjoy the view of Eiffel Tower.

10. Morocco-gives you an idea of their  lifestyle and culture of the Moroccan people through the Gallery of Arts and History.
11. United Kingdom-the structures is looks  like the British Village.They have shops where you can buy some clothes, toys and Beatles Merchandise.If you want to recharge you can dine in, Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room and Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

Now you visited 11 countries in one day.Where do you want to spend  your next vacation?


  1. 11 countries in one day? Wow! Such an interesting attraction!

  2. I should been there:) It will be worth the trip:) Thanks for dropping by in my blog and the comments. yes, really miss my family in the Philippines. Im sure you do too. But, sulit naman pag nagkita:)

  3. thanks for dropping by in my blog 'coz i got to know yours, too. interesting, 11 countries in one day and the replicas are almost life size! this awesome.

  4. You have wonderful pictures on your blog

    Thanks for your kind reaction.

    wish you a lovely day.


  5. what a beautiful views and pictures Sis :-) Dropping late from last weeks Tuesday Travels.

  6. Epcot is indeed amazing! I wish to go there soon with my family coz obviously, it's a great place for a family tour! :)

    Thanks for joining last week's TT. Please join again; linky for this week is now up! :)

  7. That is awesome! I would love to visit this place. It is nice you get to visit the area and learn things about eleven of the wonderful countries. Awesome!!!!

    Visiting very late via TT.

  8. Epcot is my fave Disney park :)

  9. it's actually very enjoyable to think we could be in 11 countries in one day.