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Filipino foods that foreigners don't want to eat

Dried Fish
Being away from my own country, Philippines I misses some Filipino dishes and having a foreigner husband he doesn't want to eat some of Filipino dishes even when he went to Philippines. Yeah! I can cook in our home but sometimes he will tell me "are you trying to kill me" lol.

Filipino foods that foreigners don't want to eat, based on my experienced and some of my friends.

1. Dried fish-this food is so yum to me, but I don't know why the smell stinks to them and spread all over the house. My husband tells me every time I cook "are you trying to kill me" lol, with a smile in his face. He doesn't like the smells and called it stinky fish.

2. Balut-When we planned going to Philippines I told my husband about the "Balut" and describe to him.Oh my gosh! why are you eating balut. hahaha, I explained to him it is yum and lots of vitamins, he told me I don't need it.hahaha. Last episode in Travel Channel we watch together,  was about Philippines and he tries to ate "Balut" he doesn't want the taste, so hubby laughed at me.
3. Head of the fish-My husband told me, you Filipino don't waste anything in terms of food.I fried the tilapia with the head and he was surprised I cooked it and put some soy sauce,hehehehe.As you know my husband just eat boneless chicken and fish.
Sauteed shrimp paste with mango

4. Ginisang Alamang ( Sauteed shrimp paste)-One of my favourite food that I like to eat with mango, pinakbet, sauteed with pork and this smell stinks to them. lol.
5. Durian-The durian is another type of fruits that my husband that stinks even his friend.
6. Dinuguan ( Pork Blood Stew)-another viand of Filipino that is weird to them.lol.It's made of pork blood, some intestine of the pork.

I lit candle and incense every time I cook my stinky food to get rid the odor.
6 .Filipino foods that foreigners don't want to eat. Even my husband doesn't want all these foods he'll go  in Asian stores and buy.Don't get me wrong, I can cook in our home and eat in front of him but he'll tell me "I don't understand why you eat like that" with smile and says: "I'm happy if you're happy" weeehhh...

Are there any foods you think foreigners don't want to eat? Let me know.



  1. Well, my husband is a foreigner too, but he eats dried fish with me and binagoongang baboy. hi hi.He is a seaman you know and used to eat diffrent kinds of food. But not balut and dinuguan. He loves adobong pusit that my mother cooked for him in the Philippines.

    Nice blog! I am sure marami kami relate sa yo:)

  2. Welcome to the club! These foodies are exactly the same choices he doesn't want to see in our table. If someone gives me dried fish as pasalubong, I must wrap it really good so he wouldn't smell it and then hide it so he won't see it coz he would really give me blah blah blah just in case! When I cook it, he musn't be at home or if he's coming back, should make sure I have fried it one or two hours later. Balut is also a no-no even the photo makes him puke. He said, duh it's like you're eating fetus! and that makes me laugh :D Oh well thanks for the tips, didn't know lighting candles could get rid away the odor. A must try.

  3. I think you got it pretty much covered, Mhie. Wala na akong ibang maisip pa na pwede ko idagdag diyan sa list mo :D

    Speaking of candles, na-try mo na ang scented candles ng Bath and Body Works? Mahilig din kasi ako magsindi ng scented candles kahit noon pang single pa ako. Ma-co-compare mo talaga ang difference ng Bath and Body Works candles kesa sa mga mabibili mo sa Wal-Mart ;)

  4. pero for pinoy....lahat ito masarap!

  5. Hi Mhie, Thanks sa tip na dapat i-fridge yung cake para mabawasan ang crumbling :) Hindi naman sila nagbigay talaga ng recipe on how to bake from scratch kasi Cake Decorating Course siya and not Baking Course, although they do give baking tips din naman, wala nga lang recipe. Okay naman ako when it comes to baking kasi successful naman yung mga binebake kong cakes, I just follow recipes, kaya yung decoration ang gusto kong matutunan talaga. Pag may time ka na mag join ka, sobrang mura lang yung courses, sayang ang opportunity saka fun din na hobby ;) Saan pala trip nyo sa April? Have fun ah. Enjoy. Ako din kating kati na ulit mag travel pero sinesave ko yung vacation days ko kasi gusto ko ulit umuwi ng Pinas this year.

  6. your photography is superb, makes me wish to eat dried fish now, i miss it so much!