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Legoland Florida:Perfect getaway for family with kids

Legoland Florida is a perfect getaway for family with kids age 2-12 years old.Kids will definitely love the rides.My daughter enjoyed some of the rides, and attractions. If we're around the area it's worth to get the annual passes, and visit as often as we can especially the water park will open this coming May  26, 2012. During our visit it was a perfect  day, the air is cool, and sunny. My daughter was tired but  she keep going  to explore the Legoland park, and showed  excitement,curiosity, smiles, giggling, and saying "WOW daddy"  is priceless. Having a 2.5 year old who could appreciate simple things is a lot for us, that's why if we have a chance to visit some  places where we can create memories for our daughter we will definitely do.

Yours truly-@ the entrance of Legoland Florida.
Every rides is different and they have a height restrictions.Some rides must be at least 34 inches before they can ride.There are some rides that parents and kids can go together.
My favourite ride in Legoland-located in Lego Technic and it called Aquazone Wave Racers.
Legoland has an amazing imagination,I awed  their creativeness  like Miniland USA, Cypress Garden, Pirate Coves,Lego Technic,The Beginning and  Duplo Village our favourite attractions.
Miniland USA is one of our favourite attraction.Oh! my! my! I love it-according to:
"Miniland USA The heart of every LEGOLAND Park, Miniland USA is home to seven specially themed areas."
They have a live water Ski show in Pirates Coves area.Don't miss the time show and check in there  bulletin board.
The view of the Water ski show in Pirates Cove-I took this picture during our rides Island in the Sky.
They're  stroller friendly and if you forget your stroller you can rent there.
The food is good, and reasonable. They offer kids menu and more . We ate at the Market Restaurants where they  have a few choices of  asian food, and being an asian is seventh heaven to eat asian food,hehehe.
My daughter foods where we ordered mac and cheese and grilled cheese for her.
New in Legoland:
Water park is the newest attractions that will open this summer 2012.If you want to know more about  Legoland   upcoming events and promotions.
She's trying to build something.
Where debating with my husband about the perfect age who would visit the Legoland.He told me age 4-because kids can really go on their own and ride most of the rides, but I told him 2 year old is a  good age to start to   introduce them some  new things where you can educate them in a simple ways,and they are  curios, ready to explore and he agreed with me.

Above all, we had a great time in Legoland Florida, where are planning to go back again.

@ Cypress Garden
Legoland Florida planning and tips
a. wear a good foot wear  for walking.
b. every rides has different height restrictions.
c. They are closed every Tuesday and Wednesday.
d. They're open 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m..
e. Purchase advance ticket in online, sometimes they offer discounts.
g. Don't forget to ride the Island in the Sky.
h. Bring extra clothes for your kids.
i. buy plane tickets  in advance.

Legoland Florida address6000 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven FL 33884

Disclosure: Thank you  Legoland Florida for complimentary ticket. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about our   travel experiences.



  1. Every kids love theme parks, even here in the Phils. My nephews appreciated the Enchanted Kingdom when we went there, and they were happy and excited for the rides, though they were just 3y/o then.

    BTW, I accidentally deleted your comment in my post, sorry for that. :)

  2. ang saya naman. i'm sure na enjoy talaga 'to ng little girl mo. uy, how'd you score complimentary tickets? ;) i didn't have the chance to go to Legoland when vince and i went to Florida, kasi sa Disney World pa lang kulang na yung 5 days namin. hoping that next time we visit Florida, makadaan naman dito sa Legoland and Universal Studios na din ;)

  3. This looks awesome - we will definitely have to take our daughter there sometime! You've made a really nice post here; great pics as always. Can you imagine all the hours all the people have put into building these huge Lego structures? It would be interesting to see them at work and learn about how they work together in teams and how long it takes for them to complete a certain project. I wonder how they plan/draw these up in the first place. Thanks for sharing this!

    Once your daughter gets a bit older, Lego has some really nice sets specifically for little girls now, which are really nice. My daughter, who is 8, just put together the veterinarian's office one. And Lego also makes some incredible sets of architectural icons like Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, the Empire State Building, the Guggenheim Museum, the Farnsworth House, etc. My wife has built a few as well as a Space Shuttle, and they were very challenging but rewarding to build... hopefully I'll post some on my blog in the near future.

  4. Legoland Malaysia just opened, your post reminds me I should go visit it one of these days. :)

  5. my gosh Legoland!! my niece and nephew will surely love to go there! at least Legoland Malaysia is open now.. much near and doesn't require a visa hehe..
    great pics as usual!

  6. whew, that is a dream place for my kiddos...love the colorful photos and your lovely smiles there! :-)

  7. WoW! Seems I am travelling around this paradise. Fantastic.

  8. Newly opened na rin ang Legoland, Malaysia. Theme parks are just perfect for kids. A fun experiece for your kid, Sis.

  9. I was not able to play Lego when I was a kid. If I will be given the chance to be there, I'll play till I drop!!

  10. i love the picture of you and your daughter Mhie in the Cypress garden, you both look happy, cute and beautiful, and the landscape is lovely too.

  11. PaRA din syang Theme Park sa Genting Highlands, Malaysia. I bet nag enjoy ang prinsesa mo. I must say the photos are very well captured. Gaganda!

  12. perfect indeed! i would love to go there and be a kid again. so beautiful! i bet my kids will love that place and dont want to go home anymore.