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Venice,Florida: Fun things to do with kids and friends

We stayed in a nice subdivision in Venice,Florida of "Uncle P and Aunty P" where they have a nice place and pool.The place is gated community where you feel you're staying in a 5 star hotel, hehehe. We stayed there for 3 days for free and we bought some foods to share to everybody since my in-laws are also visiting with them.

Traveling with friends and staying in there place will save a lot of bucks, I mean not a lot but a big help aside seeing them and spending time, the hospitality, the happiness that you could see in their eyes and eagerness to do things with my family is a lot for us.I'm always thankful to GOD that we have good friends to treasured with.( Actually he's my husbands' good-father ). 
The walking pool- salt water with hot tub. "Little M" with her Grandme enjoying the pool.The place where we stayed with P and P. 

In our 2nd day in Venice,Florida we went in Jetty Park that is located just 30 or 40 miles from the place where we stayed. The place is a picturesque beach park  where a lot of snowbirds like us who  are enjoying  and  get some sun, go fishing, walking, watching the sunset and enjoying the weather. 
Jetty Park-where you can go fishing.
Venice,Florida has a nice beach where you can bring your own umbrella and get some sun. The only problem we had is the parking space, it's too crowded where a lot of snowbirds are out to enjoy the sun like us. The early you are the better to get a parking space and enjoy the beach and sun.

snow crab legs
As you know, we don't usually eat outside if we're  at home.I do a lot of cooking,during Sunday's and especially occasions is the only time we eaten outside. We preferred to eat seafoods if we are on vacation especially in Florida. My family loves seafoods.


  1. Hi Mhie,

    Dami nyo pala nalibot sa Florida ah ;) When I went to Orlando in 2009, Disney lang talaga nalibot namin ni Vince. Kulang na kulang pa nga yung five days namin sa Disney, plus may two tours kaming ginawa sa Disney, yung Segway Tours sa Epcot, and Aqua Seas Tour sa Magic Kingdom kaya medyo bitin talaga. We didn't have the time to see Universal Studios and other theme parks. The second time naman na bumalik kami ng Florida sa Jacksonville and St. Augustine naman kami nagpunta. Ganda din dun lalo na St. Augustine, dami din attractions.

    Hopefully by September nasa GA na kami, and will be about half-an-hour away from Tallahassee, FL na, and three hours from Orlando! So, definitely when we move there, mapapadalas kami sa FL :)

  2. Nice place... and the food! My favorite. Sana makarating din ako dyan

  3. hi, parang andami kong namiss sa bagong entries mo ah.. hmm need to backread ng wagas hehe. how relaxing naman dyan, nakakarelax habang binabasa ko tong entry mo. Have a blessed weekend ahead!

  4. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely place!