Why I like Luxury Hotels and Resorts?

Why I like luxury hotels and resorts? Whether we like it or not luxury hotels and resorts offer the best  quality and services to their customers. Every time we choose a hotels and resorts we check the star ratings and reviews or sometime through word of mouth and friend's recommendation. 
In todays technology life is easier and everything is in your fingertip if you're good in researching and reading in online. Hubby and I stayed luxury hotel and resorts in US, Europe and Asia. Hopefully we can visit in Australia but we have to stay in my sister's place as she leave there. 

Why I prefer Luxury Hotels and Resorts:
If budget permits we stayed in luxury hotels and resorts on vacation as hubby told me we need to pamper ourselves once in a while without breaking the bank account.
  • VIP treatment: Every time we stayed  in a luxury hotel and resorts I noticed they treat their guest as VIP,I'm impressed with the staff and services they offered to all their guests all the time.I feel i'm on vacation and all I do is savor the memories during our vacation.
  • Amenities: Most hotel and resorts offer the best amenities from staff, food, service and ambiance. No wonder there are a lot of people booked in this kind of hotels and resorts. Every time we stayed in a hotels and resorts there is a wedding going on. I witnessed some weddings that held in hotel and resorts and I'm amazed how beautiful it is-from decorations to bride and delectable food. Every thing are  well  manicured. 

 Speaking of wedding my husband's cousin will get married this year so I told them to check the croft hotel for darlington weddings. Hopefully we can attend her wedding.Fingers crossed.


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