Lisbon 101: Travel Tips and Advice

Lisbon, Portugal is among the world’s oldest cities and is the oldest in Western Europe. It is even older than Rome, London, and Paris by over a century! Lisbon is considered a global city and is counted among the major economic centers in Europe.

Beautiful, Medieval:
Cobbled streets, ancient buildings, and beautiful medieval districts make up an overall brilliant cityscape for such a historically rich city. It is therefore no surprise why wanderlusts have this destination on their top list, and why tourists don’t think twice about coming back. Its laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere is just too charming for one to easily forget.

The cost of traveling to Lisbon:
While a trip to London or Paris would essentially burn holes in one’s wallet, Lisbon is some notches down the budget range but isn’t necessarily dirt cheap either. If you intend to travel to this part of Europe, it would be best that you start your planning ahead of time to minimize mishaps and avoid rip-offs.

Flights, accommodation, and all that enchilada:
Of course, the first on your priority should be the air tickets, which shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange except if you are on a ridiculously tight budget. The more difficult part of the planning process is when you have to find a good apartment or hotel to stay in for the duration of your trip. It gets doubly impossible if it’s your first time, but thanks to the Internet – nothing is too difficult now. Looking for the best apartment in Lisbon is easier because of the existence of comparison sites like Apartment District Lisbon that allow travelers to weigh their options side by side – a breath of fresh air especially for the finicky and the budget-conscious.
Fixing an itinerary:
After the bookings are all done, it’s time to create an itinerary. Generally, the longer the timeframe, the easier it gets, but since Europe is not exactly a cheap destination, most tourists would opt to shorten their stay as much as possible. If you find your Lisbon trip to be constrained by time and finances, here are some of Lisbon’s must-see’s and must-do’s:
1.Appreciate the picturesque view and history at Castelo de São Jorge
Brimming with historical significance, St. Jorge Castle is a Moorish castle nestled on top of a hill that hovers above Lisbon and Tagus River. This is a great tourist spot for people who love to learn about the history of a city or country.
2.Have an authentic Lisboan meal at Bairrio Alto
Dine like a local while taking in the laid-back, bohemian air that is saturated with the relaxing voices of traditional Fado singers. Bairrio Alto is a perfect nest for artists and writers who seek inspiration from the charming bohemian streets that turn from relaxing and romantic during the day, to lively and vibrant at night.
3.Bask and be in awe of the medieval beauty that is Alfama
Take a step back into the 15th century as you trod on the tiny, meandering streets of Alfama, and marvel at the rock-sturdy buildings that braved and survived massive earthquakes way back. This district has retained much of the manners by which it lived hundreds of years ago, which constitutes much, if not all of its astounding beauty today. It’d be a mortal mistake to forget your camera!
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