First Visit at Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park

We feel the heat of the summer lately but the summer weather is ups and down and most of the time its raining in my area. Our first visit at Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park was fun and exciting day. We drove all the way to Georgia for 2 hours and met my friends. 

I survived the  Cannon ball Roller Coaster:
Would you believed I survived the roller coaster. Yes, It is my first time I rode the roller coaster, even hubby did not believed I made it. How many times I try to ride the roller coaster but I am a scary cat and scared the roller coaster at all. I thought that time it is my  chance or else I can't do it anymore and let face it.
The Cannon Ball roller coaster is 2,272 feet long, with a vertical drop of 70 feet and it is a wooden coaster.

My experience:
Geez,I felt i'm dying and my stomach and intestine is pulling out in my body and hubby chose the front seat which was the worst one, lol. No wonder our boy friend was laughing when hubby told me we will seat on the front and I was a dork to follow him. The first section was exciting but when we are up, I scream to death but it was really fun and I would do it again.

I'll do it again:
Roller coaster is not bad as I think all the time. I'm so proud of myself I make another steps to surpass my fear.

For all ages:
The  Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park is good for all ages and fun even to a two-year- old. They have rides that good for kids, for family and even for the adults. They have family rides even if your kids is 3 year-old. 

Glide into the sky and back down again aboard the colorful gondolas of the Paratrooper.
Pirate ride-ride type-thrill.
Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park:
  • Located at 1730 Lakeview Dr  Rossville, GA 30741.
  •  Opened the park to guests in 1925.
  • Lake Winnie features over 35 rides for the entire family.
  • Soakaya water park is open and has a lazy river.
Enjoy the paddle boat at the lake.
 Genie-the ride type is thrill 
Little M likes the duck pond game.
Travel Tips you should know about Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park:
  • You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks and eat in the shaded picnic table.
  • Don't bring any fast food so don't waste your time to buy any commercial prepared food.It's not allowed and they will check your picnic basket. 
  •  Friday is Coca-cola day so don't forget to bring one can of coke and you get  "buy one unlimited ride pass at full price and receive a second unlimited ride pass at half price." 
  • Food service is all over the park so don't worry if you don't bring any food.
  • Bring changing clothes of you're planning to soak yourself in the water park.
  • Bring a water proof camera.



  1. No matter what ,y husband and daughter would tell me, they never convinced me to ride. Luckily, my son backs me up as he scared also lol. You certainly are braver than I am lol.

  2. I love amusement parks! That's one of the attractions I check before we visit another country. Although I don't like riding on thrill rides, I love the feeling of excitement amongst the riders. My daughter and husband are both thrill-seekers so they will love those kinds of rides. Nice photos too!

  3. Sis thanks for sharing this good timing :) we will celebrate my birth week in Georgia this weekend and personally we don't know what to do there. Nag back read ako sa mga post and and I have learn a lot :)

  4. That must have been one fun day, Mhie. I saw some of the pics in FB and I can tell just by looking at the wide grins that you all had a blast.

  5. When I was in my younger age, I will definitely go for roller coaster and other rides. But now, I'm a bit hesitant because of my vertigo.

  6. Enough of this. You will never convince me to take a ride on any of these amusement rides. But the place is just perfect for thrill seekers.

  7. I swear that I would never get into any of those rides, except siguro for the Pirate ride. LOL It's a great place for those who want to go on adventure and try new things.