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Enjoying the pool this summer

Summer is my favorite season of the year. Don't blame me as I grow up in a tropical island which has two season dry and rainy. I moved in Western country which has four seasons and summer is my only time to enjoy outdoor and I realized those four seasons are wonderful and I have a chance to see all the beauty of mother nature.

My daughter and I are enjoying the pool this summer at home. I'm so grateful  we have one and  we get a lot of used. We get a good tan this year as we stay in the pool during weekdays if we were at home. My daughter likes my swimwear, actually I bought my swimwear in  juicy couture swimwear online. Online shopping is more practical for me as I have a toddler and sometime she has no patient to wait.

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  1. Yes, send some heat here Mhie. It is summer here too, but it is raining for weeks now and it is too cold. Feels like autum:(