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How to save money?

I know most of us are doing our best to save money in any ways.Having a  family of 3  and husband is  only working and support financially, I do my best as a wife to help him in anyways like saving some of our:

  • Grocery- Most of our grocery I buy with coupons and deals in the store. Like for example buy 3 save 5 bucks. That's a good deal for me. I buy a regular price if we really needed other than that I just enjoy what is deal in the store.
  • Appliances-My husband is the one buys our appliances and he asked me if what I want . When we bought our appliances we  consider the appliance package deals.
  • Travel- If we travel we do our best to avoid holiday season week as the airfare and hotel price are outrageous.
  • Back to school Tax holiday-I live in a State that has this perks for  kids. So I take advantage it buy buying my kid's school supplies and saves 9.25%.
  • Yearly medical check-up-This is very important to be preventive in medical and dental  and your insurance is happy when you're  doing this. Our insurance will give us $200 when we do our yearly check-up and we put it towards our contingency funds in medical.
  • Furniture-We buy furniture during holiday were there is a huge sale and discounts.
  • Cash-Make sure you can pay it in cash, though you're using your credit card. I used credit cards in all my shopping but I make sure that I could pay before I go shopping.
  • Perks-sign-up some of the trusted website that you believed. Most of the website  send some discounts for their customers. So take advantage of doing this. So far the website that I subscribe are really good and they don't sent any junk yet. 
  • Membership-Enroll or be a member in any trusted store that you go. Of course don't just be a member if you think you don't go often there. I've been joining in some store that I like and I enjoyed all the perks for their members and I save of doing it. Of course I don't open any credit card ,I join the free membership . Though I have one credit card in a store but I  go shopping  there all the time so I'm happy doing it. 
Whether we like it or not cash is king and spend wisely. Monitor your spending habit and don't loss control over your emotion.Buy stuff that is necessity and not just because it is sale. Quality is important as well. So make your priority straight and you know what is best than me.


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