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First visit in Manila Ocean Park, Philippines

It's our first visit in Manila Ocean Park,Philippines when we went home year 2011. The place was huge and has lot of exhibits. We have one day left in Makati,Philippines were we stayed for overnight before we flew back to our home. We have a direct flight going home but we have to stop in Japan for couple hours but the same plane and sitting we have.

Since we have a day in Makati we decided to go in Manila Ocean Park, Philippines for an hour. We just bought a general admission and we escaped some show  there are student  field trip that day. We try to avoid the crowd especially with students.

I was impress with the variety species and exhibits they have in Manila Ocean Park,Philippines. It is great to all kids and people who love this kind of attractions. 

The vine tree caught my attention so I try to take photo of it. If you have been in Manila Ocean Park, you will see this big vines  from the beginning of your journey  on the aquarium. It was an interesting flow and adds-up the beauty of the Ocean Park. 
The fish wants to say hi to everyone.Sorry to tell but I don't know this type of fish but he looks cute for me.
some type of starfish
Manila Ocean Park, Philippines:
  • Located at Manila,Philippines
  • Opened March 1,2008
Some corals and fish
Spotted Garden eel are their particular day-to-day lives swaying beautifully from side to side making use of their heads way up in the water and their particular tails inside their sandy burrows.
Snowflake Moray eel

Every exhibit of Manila Ocean Park, Philippines has different fee and it will add-up easily. We just bought the general admission but if we will given a chance I will definitely check the jellies next time. 

The Oceanarium is one of my favorite with  beautiful walkthrough of the watering absolute depths displaying seven parts   and comprising 8, 000 cubic meters of seawater.
We bought some souvenir for Little travelentz at gift shop.
some decorations in Manila Ocean Park,Philippines



  1. Ganda talaga dyan. Pumunta na rin ako kasama mga spo ko many years ago:)

  2. We have never been there but plan to take my kids there when we visit. Beautiful photos!

  3. Beautiful pictures :-) My little K and I visited Ocean Park last year when we visited the Philippines. We both love this Ocean Park and hope to bring my son sometime :-)

  4. I've been to this place twice because I had to accompany my two younger children during their field trip. We definitely enjoyed seeing their many aquatic attractions.

  5. Never been to this awesome place. Laging kulang sa budget, but time will come ,I;ll set my foot there.

  6. This place indeed looks familiar to me, hehe! We went there twice- 2010 and 2012 and the place was totally different on the two occasions we went to visit the place. A lot more aquatic attractions were added. I so loved the sea lion show.

  7. My favorite spot in Manila Ocean Park is the giant aquarium where you can see fishes of all shapes and sizes swim over you.

  8. those are cute pictures of the exhibit Mhie, especially of the moray eel.

  9. I see a lot of images of this place from my friends in Pinas. This must be a must-place-to-visit in there. Well, I hope I can. Someday.

  10. Ahhh! I'm jealous. I still haven;t been to Manila Ocean Park. But, I hope before this year ends, I'll be there! :)

  11. wow, thanks for sharing about it. our family doesn't got a chance to visit it yet but seen the one here in Bkk---I'm sure sis, alam mo etong Siam Ocean World and its so much fun! :) will think about this one in Manila for next time. beautiful pictures as always!

  12. I have been to Ocean Park 3times already and every visit there is always new to expect. I will never get tired of going to this place with my family. We also enjoyed our 1day pass.