Souvenir from Fiji

My husband likes to do scuba diving and he brought this poster and I called it souvenir from Fiji.He travelled  outside the country once in awhile with his buddies in scuba diving. Actually, he went to school just to be in this kind of hobby. Seeing things  under the water is phenomenal, I wish, I know how to swim like a fish.

If hubby goes outside the country I usually asked to buy some souvenir,lately he doesn't want to buy posters because of his experienced which he paid ridiculous money of framed poster so I told him I  saw this website  WholesalePosterFrames.com and we should give it a try.Good thing I convinced him considering I like posters to get framed especially if it is bought from other country.

These are the islands that my husband usually goes for scuba diving.It's kinda expensive hobby but he found happiness with it and stepped his foot in a  different countries is just a beginning to appreciate your own culture and respect other people culture, every one of us are unique and has it's own values in life.

Fiji Islands:If my husband will going back in Fiji, I might go with him,I am planning to stay in my sister place which happen she is in Australia.Fiji is closed in Australia and New Zealand and great place to scuba diving because it is in South Pacific Ocean.
Vietnam ( I was patiently waiting in the boat and eat)

Asia: I went last couple year with husband for scuba diving. I just went for snorkeling while waiting for him. It was great though I can do my thing while he is enjoying his hobby.Going down under  the water is just only my dream that would never come true.

South America: This is a beautiful place to go to scuba diving and it is not that too much expensive to go with him. I, usually go with him if some of wives' are going other than that I stay at home and enjoy my thing as well.

North America: I usually don't go with husband if it is North America because most of them are man so I felt I am out of the place so I just let him go with his friends.

Buying souvenir in other country is my thing. I like to buy anything especially posters to decorate in my room or my living room. 


  1. That's a very nice hobby. I could only wish to go on a scuba diving.

  2. i tried scuba diving before and you'll certainly going to appreciate creatures under water.

  3. Everytime I hear Fiji i always remember Bora bora in Tahiti I thought they were the same place. Your picture is very inviting, i love snorkeling however never try scuba yet. I thingk I will have a hard time coz I am not a good swimmer.

  4. Seems a great place to do scuba diving. How about visiting the Great Barrier Reefs in Australia.

  5. Great hobby! I would rather go scuba diving than watch a movie in a crowded theater. (I have a phobia for large crowds). It is amazing to see the marine ecosystem, I wish I could do that at least once in my lifetime.

  6. Wow, that's a nice souvenir and an experience too. I am really scared of open bodied waters so scuba diving, swimming nor snorkelling are past times that will not be in my things to do. hehehe