2014's Best Cities for Stag or Hen Do Events

You're getting married- congratulations! With all the hard work involved in wedding planning, you could easily have an oversight on what's really needed to relieve those wedding jitters and stress, which is having a spectacular stag or hen do party. Just think about it- your nerves are probably all worked up from all the wedding planning, and making sure everything is just right a day or a few days before the wedding. So with that in mind, you definitely need a great way to release all that stress, which is by having a wonderful stag or hen do activity/party events set for the day, night, or even weekend to unwind. 

Stag or hen do events are great ways to relish that last night of freedom, before taking that life long journey with your mate. It's also a great way for more bonding with your family and friends. With all of that being said, you may wonder about what great ideas and places to go for spectacular stag or hen do parties and activities in 2014. You probably don't even know where to start looking for those great ideas and places to go. However, there are ample resources online that are easy to access in finding that information. There are also travelling agencies that can lead you in the right direction. With these resources and more, you can be on your way to enjoying your last night of freedom before walking down the aisle.

One thing to note about wonderful stag and hen do events is that it doesn't have to be so costly, to have a wonderful time. Even a travelling agency like the Holiday parks Group state that bigger doesn't necessary means it's the best. “There are value packages available, if needed. And furthermore, you will be amazed of some offers in well-known extravagant cities, where you may think it will cost tons of money, but that couldn't be further from the truth many times” says Paul Wincaster. 

Nevertheless, rather money is the issue or not, the most popular cities for stag or hen do parties and events are as follows: 

1. Manchester- This is a great cosmopolitan metropolis of northern Mecca that's splendorous with great nightlife and shopping. You can get glam, go uptown or downtown, attend the best clubs and bars, and enjoy the view while sipping on a cocktail. 

2. Riga, Latvia- This is a popular destination of Europe for stag and hen dos with affordable booze and nightclubs. There are also nice attractions like the Freedom Monument. 

3. Barcelona, Spain- This is a wonderful place complete with great museums, cobbled streets, and art. They also have a spectacular and relaxing beach, and lively clubs. 

4. Las Vegas, US- This area is so full of variety from the most relaxing scenes to the liveliest of parties and shows- this city has it all. They have a plethora of strip clubs, casinos, nightclubs, and traditional pre-wedding parties. 

5. Newquay, UK- This area is a great beach town for stag and hen parties. They also have amazing nightclubs. Also, if you don't know the foreign language, it's no need to fret. 

6. Paris, France- This city that is well known for romance is also spectacular with dance venues, cultural attractions, shopping spots, clubs and bars. 

7. Edinburgh, UK- They have very affordable flights, and beautiful buildings like the St. Giles Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle. 

8. Ibiza, Spain- This extraordinary area has a great range of activities from classic cocktails and authentic tapas at fabulous restaurants, to having wild and crazy fun on the beach or a nightclub while enjoying some of the greatest, tasting beer. 

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands- This area is spectacular with wonderful flower arrangements, pretty canals, shopping streets, great views, coffee shops, and splendid parties. 

10. Blackpool, UK- This location is known as the Las Vegas of UK. So, if travelling to Las Vegas in the states is an issue financially, this would be an excellent choice. 

11. Tallinn, Estonia- Not only does this place has a lower price tag, but it's also fully packed with trendy and lively nightclub culture. 

12. London, UK- Who can forget about the amazing London area, which is the Brits' favourite. They are fully packed with extraordinary pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and theatres. 

13. Magaluf, Spain - Who say you need to pay yourself out of a home to have a time of your life? Being here for your stag or hen do party will forever be truly treasured in your memory as you enjoy the cheap, but tasty booze; as you go to water parks and enjoy karting; or relax at a soothing beach. 

14. Brighton- It's no wonder why this colourful and beautiful bohemian city is called the "London by the Sea". Hen do parties are really a blast in this area as they enjoy the seaside, the shopping, the baths, famous lands, and even the Burlesque lessons. 


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