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4 Nights in New Orleans,Vacation: Ritz Carlton Hotel

My husband, my daughter and I stayed in 4 nights at Ritz Carlton Hotel,New Orleans. The hotel is well maintain,has an elegant old charm and upscale ambience . We had a deluxe king style bed with the view of the River and  City.
Ritz Carlton Hotel 

At this time we are a Platinum member of Marriott Cardholder so we got the free upgrades:
  • free hi-speed wi-fi.
  • free upgrades of room with great view.

Things we don't like in Ritz Carlton Hotel:
  • indoor pool is so small.
  • in our 3rd day the hut tub is broken.
  • hidden cost, valet parking is taxable ( I can't believe it).
  • We usually stayed in the hotel where valet parking is the only option, in Ritz Carlton Hotel the valet parking is hard to access by the guest- what I meant if you forget something in your car you need to go in the valet service so they will bring your car.
The Courtyard
our  temporary room for 4 nights.
view from our room-The Mississippi River
Indoor pool
They treated you like a  queen, they'll open the door for you in the lobby hotel and greeted with a friendly smile and open your door in your car once you arrived and get in the car. They're so friendly and helpful-that's what you call you get what you pay ;)
My daughter is in seventh heaven when she saw it in our room one night ;)

Travelentz's enjoyed our days and nights in Ritz Carlton hotel.



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