Seeing the best of Northern India on tour

India Unbound offers several different India tour packages that place an emphasis on Northern India if that is the area you want to explore on your next tour. While they also cover the other areas of India, they have 3 special tours that highlight all that Northern India has to offer. Their private India tours are put together by bespoke agents that know and love India so you are sure of staying in the best places and seeing the best of what India has to offer. Here are some of the destination highlights you will discover.

India tour packages

Destination - Delhi
Delhi is old and new, bustling and full of life and everything that makes India so interesting. It is considered to be the capital of the Northern territories and is home to three different World Heritage Sites including the Red Fort. Most of the major airlines provide service to Delhi and the area is a mix of all the different cultures and ethnicities of the entire country.

Destination - Jaipur
Jaipur is considered to be one of the “golden triangle” cities of India, along with Delhi and Agra. It is also an old city but stands out for its current popularity with business, tourists and is teeming with activity. The Palace district is not to be missed, as well as the main observatory in the city which is also a recognized World Heritage Site. The unusual coloration of its native stone has led it to be called the “Pink City.”

Destination - Mughal Agra
Mughal Agra is another of the cities anchoring the golden triangle in India and it is best known as the home of the Taj Mahal. Located on the Yamuna River, it also boasts one of the most temperate climates of Northern India.

Destination - Khajuraho
Southeast of New Delhi is Khajuraho. It is home to some of the oldest and best preserved monuments and temples to Hindu and Jain deities.

Destination – Varanasi
On the banks of the Ganja you will find this beautiful and ancient city that plays a significant role in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Here you will see many of the festivals and rites that have been restored to the Indian calendar.

What this means for the traveler
As India continues to expand its economy they are taking great care to preserve their heritage. It is a lesson they have learned from watching other countries stumble when it came to making sure what made them so wonderful was still respected as they entered into the global markets. For the traveler this means easier access to historical and cultural landmarks and events; as well as better travel accommodations and itineraries that cater to the tastes and comfort needs of travelers without losing the flavor and flair of what makes India special.

Touring privately or in a group
With India Unbound you have a choice of India tour packages that can allow you to create the dream trip you always wanted. You can arrange for a group tour or private India tours for yourself, or your own small group. One of the things that India Unbound emphasizes is dynamic arrangements. If you discover something new and interesting on your tour and want to stay longer, their agents can rearrange your itinerary while you are traveling to allow you to do that. They are agents that understand the appeal and attraction of India, plus how wonderful it can be.
India Unbound is your one stop destination if you are a travel addict who's looking for luxury / private tours to India.


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