Family vacation in Florida

Family vacation is always a family thing we do, even once a year. It doesn’t really need to be more luxury or fancy. You just need something to go out together where you can spend away from home, this is good for mom like me "lol'', first I don’t need to cook and enjoy my free time together with the family.

One of the great location we spend most of the time is Florida,as you know Florida is called"Sunshine State"because the weather is nice all year round. During winter Florida is known as "Snowbirds" meaning people from North go south for the winter,I don't blame them we're one of them especially Michigan is too cold for me and to my in-laws;other than that why we want to go to Florida for vacation because it's closer to us and cheaper to fly.

Why we like Florida for family:
Theme ParksFlorida offer a great theme park for family like Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studio, Bush Gardens and LegoLand and more.
Animal Kingdom
BeachFlorida offers  nice beaches where you can start from Golf coast to  west coast Florida.
Seafoods: This is the reason why I love most, to go down in Florida the seafoods are fresh and good.
Accommodation:Florida offers from your budget range, it depends how much you want to break  the bank.


  1. Thank you so much Mhie for the very touching comnent you gave for my post ang it made me teary eyed and so thnakful for someone like you. Really, God's
    words are powerful and He loves us so much. Teaching us and leading us everyday. God bless you!

  2. beautiful photos, Mhie, the first one looks so fun and interesting.

  3. oh, wow! looks like a grand vacation...we had our vacation in Orlando last year. Awesome photos

  4. Family vacations will always be fun. It's a perfect time to bond and experience lots of things together

  5. bonding with love ones is a must to keep the family upbeat. Nice beach experiences ha.. Ako Floridablanca pa lang napupuntahan.

  6. A family vacation is what I'm looking forward too!

    Nice vacation po and it seems that you really had fun.

  7. true!..kaya ako nung nagkababy ako..promise ko sa sarili ko..dapat kahit naonce ayear we could travel..kahit pinas lang..

  8. I am so green with envy with all your escapades, Mhie. I hope to travel a lot again soon. Thanks for the beautiful shares.