Unexpected family trip to Battleship Memorial Park,Alabama

Unexpected family trip to USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park before we went to the beach. As you know USA has 4 seasons but every States has different weather especially in South. I go down to North most of the time and spent time with my in-laws but not winter time. I know what looks like in Michigan during winter. Sometimes the snow starts Thanksgiving day and ends March or April. It depends every year. Lucky us this year the weather is been nice and  unusual winter.

This year we had an unexpected travel plan in Alabama. The weather is been nice so far. So come and enjoy our family itinerary maybe this would help for your upcoming travel in Alabama.
The battleship- we spent most of our time here. As you see,its huge.
USS Alabama's forward guns: At the deck while hubby took some shots of our daughter.

About USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park:

  • military history park and museum.
  • located on the western shore of Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama.
  • your tour might starts at the the Battle ship, the  aircraft museum, and the the USS Drum submarine, it depend which one you go first.
inside the submarine with "Little travelentz"
Family Travel tips:
  • wear comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Self guided tour.
  • check the weather before you go especially if you have kids. 
  • Early bird is always the best time to do the tour.
  • bring water.
  • We're allowed to bring the stroller and left on the deck to go inside the submarine.
  • Stairs not bad at all for us. Bear in mind we left our stroller outside the deck. 
  • We stayed for almost 3 hours in place. There's a lot things to do and see in this park.
some photos of the aircrafts.

Is it worth to visit?
Yes, it is worth  your time and money. If you love history and want to know about the Military back then. They have some information written in the wall and video presentation.You'll be impressed how they survived and fight in World War II.The battleship,submarines and aircrafts are impressive.



  1. ha ha you're so cute inside the sub :) everything looks so "military and manly" and suddenly there's Little travelentz - cute!
    this is one unexpected that I won't mind coming :)

  2. Truly interesting! That's another dream for me to see this one for myself.