Food Photography:The most important part of any Party

Cakes is one of the most important part of the Party whether it is birthdays or weddings. Some people has their own preference. Travelentz is a chocoholic and cheeseaholic.

Chocolate cake
Strawberry Cake:
Mint Chocolate Chip Cake:



  1. kalaway naman mga cakes. padala ka naman dito. he he

  2. indeed, cakes always part of the party! all of them looks delicious...love them all. :) visiting late from last week's YS, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

  3. Mhie, pinag-crave mo ako ng bongga! Haha! Galing ng pagkakakuha, favorite shot ko yung first picture kasi kuha yung details nung toppings at may maple leaf sa gitna :)

  4. another thing we share Mhie, chocoholic and cheesaholic :) you are soo good in food phtography, i should probably aim my camera at foods too instead of using cell phone for foods, your pictures make me sooooo craving for cheesecake and melts in your mouth chocolate cake.