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Discover the Sam Davis Home and Museum,Smyrna TN

Do you think there's a ghost here? Well, if you would go the tour don't forget to ask?
We went last Sunday at Sam Davis Home and Museum,Smyrna TN.For 3 years staying in Tennessee we just discovered the Sam Davis Home and its history is very impressive. The museum is not big like other museums we visited, but it has a nice collection and unique its own ways.

Dine in:
 I was happy we found the Thida Thai Restaurant, gosh the food is really good and we're planning to go back there.

Guided tour makes the museum big difference:
Using the original key year 1810.It took a while before she opened the door of the house.

I know some of you you could not appreciate museums or its boring to go the museums,Its true in many ways but if the museum like in Sam Davis Home and Museum you would not feel bored, it
interesting to go back and learn the history.The tour guide has good sense of humor and very informative.Our tour begin with a documentary video and ends with a guided tour.

Too many rules to follow:
The tour was very informative and she quoted in the 1800 there's too many rules you should follow; being a guest and a hostess imagine yourself nowadays the rules before you enter the house, before you eat, things you should learn.

Outside the museum:

 Sam Davis Home :Address :1399 Sam Davis Road, Smyrna, Tennessee 37167 
 Telephone number: 615-459-2341

Imagine yourself using these. 
Tour hours:
We went Sunday around 11a.m. and they're closed. Good thing around 1 p.m. they will open for tours and we decided to see what's on the area.Before you go you can check their website for more information:
Monday - Saturday:June-August: 9am-5pm
September - May: 10am - 4pm
 Sunday:June - August: 1pm - 5pm
September - May: 1pm - 4pm

Location: 1399 Sam Davis Rd, Smyrna, TN 37167, USA


  1. im not into visiting museums too not until i visited the National Museum here. this museum is quite unique. i think ill like it. i wont worry with ghost as i dont have third eye.

  2. This is such an interesting place to visit. I'm really miles away from this area but I'll tell my friends (who live somewhere there) to check this out (if they haven't done so yet). Thanks for sharing, Mhie. ;-)

  3. A musuem does not have to be big, it has to be well managed ! Beautiful pictures !

  4. I'm pretty sure they have ghost there. Museum always have them, it adds to the excitement.
    Thida Thai Restaurant looks like a log cabin? I assume from the name it's a Thai resto. it's quite unique then :)

    u always have GREAT looking photo :)

  5. Change of inviroment and learning new things is always fun. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. I was right. Had a lil' research on Sam Davis Home, and found some paranormal experiences stories. Interesting.

  7. Looks like a fun and interesting museum. Welcome to Travel Photo Thursday!