2 days in Niagara Falls with kids: Fun things to do

Our 2 days in Niagara Falls with kids are fun and full of memories that I will keep and document for my daughter.

It was another day full of adventures and happiness to spent time with in-laws.As we arrived in Niagara Falls, our adventures began in Skylon Tower as we enjoyed the lunch buffet and have had chance to saw the panoramic view of Niagara Falls.

As my in-laws babysit their granddaughter, me and my husband went the tour Maid of Mist it took 30-45 minutes tour we're we experienced almost in  edge of the horseshoe falls and got soaked.

It was time to checked-in, and relax for a little bit and get ready for the night.After an hour we decided to go out and checked some attractions for kids.
Let the fun begin

Fun Things to do in Niagara for kids:

Niagara Falls, is not only falls attraction but some thing that family with kids could do together.First we checked the Clifton Hills, where you could hear the laughter, exciting, screaming and other stuffs. They have Skywheel for kids and family.Fun House is one of our favourite, where your kids can crawl, climb,roll. It was really fun.The following day we spent in Victoria Park, that is located nearly in horseshoe falls. The park is free.

Watching Fireworks:
Since it was friday, the fireworks was scheduled for viewing that night. We are exhausted and tired already after we spent time in Clifton Hills with my daughter. We go backed in our hotel and glad we still saw the fireworks in our bedroom.

Spent time with friends in Niagara Falls:

I called my friends to met in Niagara Falls. After breakfast, I met my friends and my family. It took us an hour before we met,she's not familiar the Victoria Park. After we talked and introduced my friends to my in-laws we decided to have had a tour in Journey Behind the Falls. We spent an hour in Journey behind the falls,then we met her friends and we became friend till now.I invited my friends to had ice cream with us and said goodbye after the treat.



  1. Did you check out the Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it or not? ;)

  2. Yes KM,but I don't post the photos.