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Panoramic view of Niagara Falls

The Panoramic view of Niagara Falls in night time is much spectacular with the colorful illumination of the falls.

Before the crowd, we decided to have early dinner with my in-laws, and talked to them we want to go in Niagara Falls and watched the fireworks. Our concern, is my daughter since it's a little bit breezy and late for her. We're thankful my in-laws offer to babysit my daughter and she could stay in there room while we are on date.
the colorful illumination at night

Before we left the restaurants my camera bag fell down (DSLR camera). I was a big dork that I don't checked my camera and my filter lens broke. I took a lot of pictures when we sat down and checked I was surprised there are some white spots. Good thing it was the filter lenses.

Travel Tips:
a. Bring tripod.
b. Find your best location either sides offer the spectacular view.
c. arrives early before the crowd starts.
d. Get a premium hotel that has a panoramic view of Niagara Falls.
e. Bring extra battery or lenses.


  1. I really like your pictures, a fantastic play of colors.
    Thanks for coming to my blog.
    Greeting Karin

  2. So, were you able to get your camera fixed? Ganda ng cavalcade of lights sa falls, no? and yes, i super agree that you had a good capture of the light effects :)

  3. Gorgeous light and colors in those night images! You're lucky it was only the filter lens that broke.

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