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Taste of Mexican Grill

Last Sunday, we went with my family in Chipotle Mexican Grill, after church.I'll be honest we love this place.

The service is really good, where you had to  follow the queue and it is fast. A huge printed menu board is  hang above and you can tell them what you want.

Usually, I order a bowl of chicken burrito and told them;dine-in and to go ( mean, my order will put in the bowl that is ready to go).
Bowl of chicken burrito-with cilantro-lime rice,chicken,lettuce,black beans,and cheese. 

Food Tips for bowl of burrito:
a. chips- is additional cost if you order.I don't like their chips.
b. guacamole-you have to pay additional if you want it.
c. sour cream-complimentary and included if you want it.
d. salsa-is complimentary for bowl of burrito.
e. cheese-is complimentary.
f. sweet corn-is complimentary if you want it.
g. rice-they have 2 choices, white or brown rice.



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