Journey Behind the Falls @ Niagara Falls

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The Journey behind the falls is another tour that you have  chance to look closer the Horseshoe Falls.This is a self guided tour where you just need to buy a ticket and they will give you a poncho . There is a guided tour will lead you to the elevators descend 150 feet  through the tunnels that lead to the viewing behind the falls massive sheet of water. They have an observation decks at the foot of the falls. The mist is so strong that made you soaked.
Even though it is self guided, they have some information where you can read.

The view from the tunnel behind the falls, they put a railing for safety

Actually I like this tour where you have time to explore and enjoyed in  the observation decks and  awed the God's creation.
I was worried this time, my camera has no filter lens.I took  few pictures in the observation decks, the mist is strong. 

There are tunnels under the falls which give a spectacular perspective  of  falling  water and you can hear the thunder!

the Horseshoe Falls 



  1. Wow ... these shots are amazing! Love the unusual angle of the first one.

  2. WOW!!!!!!! Just amazing!!! Great shots too!!!

  3. I also did this tour in May 2009 with my then-boyfriend now-husband. I was so tempted to dive into the water and just feel it's rage. LOL. I wanted to get so close to the water, kasi I saw that yung sa American side eh, the people could go really get up close. I don't even see any railings on the American side. There were kids sitting pa nga on top a rock so close to the water na. Haayyyy. Ganda ng Niagara talaga :)

    Uy, akala ko yung camera mo talaga nasira. Di din ako nagamit ng DSLR kasi medyo bulky nga. I used to have a high-zoom camera bago pa naging in ang DSLR pero even that eh masyado na din bulky, kaya hindi na ako nag-upgrade, pang point and shoot na lang talaga ang beauty ko. LOL. Ako din aliw sa Photoshop, pero CS3 lang ang meron ako. Kelangang karirin ko muna ang CS3 bago ako mag level up to CS5 and higher versions :D

    Kelan pala 'tong Niagara trip nyo? Recent lang ba 'to?