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Why Barcelona?

When you hear the word Barcelona, sometimes,you ask,Why Barcelona? If given a chance I would love to visit Barcelona. I have a couple of friends  who live in Barcelona, am sure they can show me the interesting part in Barcelona.

Uniqueness- Barcelona is a big city and you need to make sure you don't miss anything that makes your trip worth while in Barcelona.The other option you can do, ask or talk to any travel experts like vesping who can cater your  travel needs. Whether you need  anything about Barcelona  vesping.com  /guided tour  could explain what are the things you can do during your holidays.

  • Discover the History- I'm a  history geek  and I know Barcelona has a lot of historical places to visit. One of the most popular are: La Sagrada Familia-which was started in 1882 and Monument a Colom-located in the Old City district of Barcelona. There are  many historical  and landmarks in the city and if you get scared to get lost you can book a tour at vesping.com/gps guided tour to make your holidays stress free and enjoyable. 
  • Food and Wine- Food with wine is perfect on holidays. They're known to have the best traditional tapas.
  • Beach-The best time to relax after a long day is in the Beach.You'd be surprise, they offer a beach tour. So many things to see and do in the beach and of course you can enjoy good food while listening the ocean waves while eating.


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