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South Carolina Vacation

Last couple years we went in South Carolina for vacation. We stayed for 5 days and enjoyed the heat of the summer. The one thing I love in vacation is we get to stay in a resort which we really preferred if we planned to call it "VACATION" and enjoy all the amenities that the resorts offered.

Why we choose South Carolina:
We choose South Carolina because of all the good things we heard about South Carolina and we never been there. 

We drove all the way to South Carolina with  husband and little Travelentz. We're so happy with the place, too many things to see and do for all ages.

Historical Sites:
Husband and I likes Historical Sites and this is one of the reason if we choose the place to visit. I love seeing places and things that has been preserved for many years  so we were able to understand and appreciate things we have today.

My husband is an ocean lover  and so am I. I love listening the waves of the ocean and play like a kid. We stayed in a resort were we have an ocean view from our room. Though we pay a little bit more but we were both happy of the resort we pick.

There is no better place to feed our hungry tummy with real and fresh seafoods. The food was great and tickle our taste buds. One thing we both love, husband and I   has the same appetite of foods so we get along without any problem and easy to go wherever we plan.


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