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Lovely Marseille, France

The city of Marseille in France is one of Europe’s best spots for tourism. The scenic location of the city fronting the Mediterranean Coast is a wonderful sight to watch.  Marseille offers a wonderful combination of stunning structures and more impressive natural scenery.

Marseille is a place fitting during vacation season as it provides a comfortable and relaxing ambiance inside the city. Marseille is a perfect place to have some bonding moments with family, friends, and co-workers as it is so magnificent a region. The main gateway in Marseille is through Marseille Provence Airport, and travelling in a jet charter will just make the trip truly awesome.

Scenic Topography
    The country of France has so many natural landscapes that are fascinating to watch such as in the case of the Perched Village in the province that provides a stunning view. The Perched Village is essentially built and carved in the rocky mountains of the region. The Beautiful atmosphere that the village provides is delightful, and the village has gained interest in global perspective as the site for some Hollywood films.
    The La Corniche in Marseille is another sensational view. It is a seaside roadway that stretches around 5 km. The la Corniche provides an outstanding location to see the calm waters of the Mediterranean, magnificent beaches, and classical villas along the 5 km tour. It is definitely one of the best sightseeing locations in the city.
Beautiful Outdoor
      In the outskirt of Marseille comes one of the most delightful places fronting the Mediterranean coast and it is the Calanque. The Calanque is a steep sided bay which is formed from dolomite, carbonate strata, and limestone that creates an outstanding feature of the rocks. The beautiful cliffs and waters around Calanque are spectacular spots for outdoor fun.
     The Calanque area of Marseille is a wonderful area to explore and be entertained with its natural beauty. The rock formations can be seen on the seaside that also offer many fascinating sights along the way and into the waters of the Mediterranean with an exploratory journey around the bay or cove.
        The city of Marseille holds some outstanding landmark structures that the world recognizes. These Structures are the Marseille Cathedral which is a huge and massive Roman Catholic place of worship that has been a national monument. The Marseille Cathedral is a fine work of art of the Byzantine Roman architectural style with impressive fa├žade and interior decoration which is a thing to see in the city. The Notre-Dame de la Garde is a Catholic Basilica that is dear to the locals’ heart as they consider the Basilica as protector of the city.
     The Chateau D’if on the other hand was initially built as a fortress along the small island of Frioul archipelago. The location of the fortress is also a fascinating sight to watch along with its wonderful background and scenery. The Chateau became more visible in the tourism world as it is the sight of the movie and novel, the Count of Monte Cristo.
Old harbor
     The old port or the Vieux port of Marseille is a local port of the city that remains visibly intact since antiquity. The area around the port comprises of fishermen, yachters, and tourists including the locals. The busy life in the port is a theme in itself as tourists bear witness to the selling of goods by the fishermen straight from the dock, an interesting spectacle.
      The many yachts docking around Vieux port is a fascination to watch. The routine of maintaining and touring with boats is a wonderful feeling to experience as a spectator and as a participant.


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