4 Common Pitfalls to Avoid with Wedding Photography

4 Common Pitfalls to Avoid with Wedding Photography
Few occasions are as fraught with anxiety and expectations as a wedding.  One of the big expectations is that there will be photographs and they will be beautiful.  With a little foresight and planning, wedding photographs can fulfill all expectations.  Avoiding the major pitfalls such as the four listed below can go a long way to ensuring that happens.
Pitfall One: Using an amateur or inexperienced photographer
While a lot of occasions can be captured by anyone with a camera, a wedding is not one of them.  At the very least a talented amateur is needed.  A professional will ensure the proper pictures are taken in the correct order to tell the story of the happy day.
Picking a wedding photographer is a job in itself.  The happy couple should ask around to their married friends that have beautiful wedding photographs for recommendations.  Once they have a list of possible photographers, view portfolios, and interview the photographer.

If the couple does decide to use an amateur, it should be an amateur that has taken wedding photographs before.  A wedding is a high stress occasion for the photographer as well as the wedding party.  This is one occasion where there is no chance for a retake.
Pitfall Two: Trying to take all the wedding pictures the day of the wedding.While it is a nice vision to have all the wedding photographs taken the day of the wedding, this might not be the best way.  As much of the staged photographs that can be taken earlier or even before the wedding, the better the end result will be.
Pictures of the bride in her gown, pictures of the bride and her attendants can all be taken early in the day or even the day before.  This allows both the photographer and the bride to relax and get the best possible pictures.
Pitfall Three: Trying to wing it on the photographs
An experienced wedding photographer will have a list of usual wedding poses and should discuss this with the couple to make sure that all expectations will be met.  The day of the wedding is not the time to find out that a particular photograph or pose is not possible due to time constraints or other issues.
Pitfall Four: Not paying attention to the background
While a candle lit church might make a romantic venue for the wedding, it is not exactly conducive for photography.  The couple and the photographer should scout the location at or as close to the same time of day as the wedding is to take place with the list of expected photographs in hand.   this will allow adjustments as needed to get the perfect shots.
While the four pitfalls listed above are not conclusive, just avoiding those four will take the couple a long way toward having the wedding photographs that they will be proud to display in their home and display for the rest of their married lives.

Jennifer Jones is a keen photographer who began her career doing wedding photography in High Wycombe but has since taken to providing insight and help to people online.


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