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A taste of thai

A taste of thai,mean I miss Thailand;food, the beaches,my friends and my job as an ESL  teacher. Yeah! I stayed in Bangkok for 4 years.I remembered the first time I had eaten thai food-What is this? I don't like the taste because it's spicy, mostly thai food they put chili on there food and I don't used to it. 

In the school  where I worked, we had free lunch everyday, and sometimes we had to dine-in with my director and the food was so good.I'll be honest I don't see any authentic thai food around my place as of now.

Here are some of my taste of thai food, that I cooked and bought in the store:

Pad Thai-made in noodles that has chili, egg,shrimp,sprout beans,and peanuts.

Pad thai-my own version
Som Tam- (Green papaya,Papaya pukpok)-made in Papaya,chili,fish sauce, palm sauce,tomato,garlic,lime. You can make it green mango the same recipe.
Som-tam-just bought in the store
Noodle soup-made in chicken,chili,basil, cilantro, onion,golden needle mushroom, sprout beans, lime, and napa cabbage.
thai noodle soup-I made by myself and hubby likes it.Even "little M'' ate it



  1. nag-ESL teacher ka pala sa Thailand? :) gusto ko sa Thai foods yung mga dish nila na may peanut/peanut butter ^^

  2. oo, before ako pumunta dito sa US.

  3. hi Mhie, you worked here pala...sayang hindi tayo nagpang-abot...meet sana tayo, hehehe! saan school ka? we're based in bagkok now, 1 year pa lang kami ng family ko dito. :)

  4. ahhhh, they look so yummy, Mhie, I love Thai foods too, however, I don't think I am good in making their dishes.