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Parasailing adventure: Things you need to know before you go

Fly like a bird
My first  Parasailing adventure,Vietnam was exciting and thrilling. I'd be honest I'm so excited floating on high even  I don't know how to swim at the same time anxious.

Being little sometimes is a big advantage, we parasail and flew together with hubby. We started in the inland and landed off the beach.

Safety first:
Getting ready
As you see my husband arms-good thing we took off so slow and pull his arm from the rope.

They gave us some instructions what to expect  and where we going to take off and landed, we chose to take off in  inland  and landed off the beach where there are 4 crew waiting patiently to help us.The only problem we had was my husband right arm had scratched due to the wrong position of tow rope where he hold on  and he didn't noticed  the  rope that attached to the harness was  in his arm before we took off.. Other than that, it was a great experienced.
The crew is ready 

I don't felt scared because my husband is with me,hehhehe. The ride was exciting and thrilling, once you're on top  of the sky you saw the beautiful scenery of beaches and coastline from the bird's eye view.

Parasailing tips:
a. wear swimming attire.
b. don't forget to put some sun screen.
c. Make sure the tow rope that attach to the harness is not in your arm to avoid injury, scratches or injury. ( check the 2nd photos).
d. They will give you a life jacket.
Ready to land


  1. wow! i wanted to try this when we went to boracay last year but we were being cheap so we didn't do it then. hehe. next time, gagawin na talaga namin 'to, pati na din ang skydiving ;)

  2. Wow, you're so brave...and admirable! I definitely can't do it, hehe!

  3. You guys are tough! Thumbs up and you're safe, thanks for the precautions coz one day who knows I must try this uh-oh just kidding I don't think I have the guts hehe be safe next time, ciao!

  4. Fantastic images - that looks like so much fun!

  5. whew, when i saw the second photo, i was really thankful that your hubby was okay. so brave of both of you to try parasailing.i'm sure this is one adventure you will never forget, great and unique bonding for couples.

  6. looks exciting, i have never done parasailing too, sometimes i am thinking of doing it here in san diego but always postponing it :( it's great you parasailed with your hubby