Kodak ZX3

Kodak ZX3-waterproof camera

Kodak ZX3 is one of our gadgets that we usually used especially if we're taking some videos and photos in the pool or beach (we love it). This kind of camera can venture up to 10 feet under water in full 1080p HD.I'll be honest the photos and videos are  not bad. The image stabilization is pretty good and no complain of what we paid.This is not good in indoor especially in night,low light is the main problem, you notice the videos are dark since it has no flash and video light.



  1. That's one cool gadget, Mhie. I'd love to have one like that too ;-)

  2. Nice depth of field. Great gadget.

  3. Summer's near and for beach-lovers, this gadget is a must-have. :)

  4. I have a Kodak waterproof camera too. It lasted for a year, and then nung bakasyon ko pa sa Pinas nasira :( I need to buy a new one - necessity 'to for us dahil mahilig kami sa mga water activities ;)

    Enjoy your trip sa Florida next week!

  5. i love gadgets, hope to get this one too, soon.