Nha Trang:The best adventure for family with kids or without kids

Nha Trang is popular of seaside resort- town.This place has a lot things to offer for family to see and do things together. I'm glad we did this  vacation when we are in Thailand before we moved to US. The tour in Nha Trang is less expensive if you do by group. Our tour in Nha Trang is booked from the hotel where we stayed at. We did the tour from private to group tour. 

How to get there:

By plane-Is the quickest and easiest if you don't have enough time.We flew from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang airport just an hour.

By train-Is less expensive but you have to spend 6-8 hours in the train.
By bus- Takes 10-12 hours from Ho Chi Minh
By car-If you want to have your own privacy and do some sidetrips. This is good to rent a car.

City tour:
The view from Po Nagar Temples
The tour is half day, where we booked from the hotel we stayed at.We did the private tour which is not really expensive, from 8-to 12 noon.We have our tour guide that is from the hotel who could speak fluently English. 

Island Hopping:
Tri Nguyen Aquarium in Nha Trang, is one of the place we went during the Island hopping.

We did the group tour,where are 4 people in one boat. The tour is whole day starts from our hotel and relaxed in one of the island for lunch, swimming, kayaking and parasailing.

Nha Trang offers the best scuba diving. We booked the tour through in our hotel and they arranged  us in one the of the scuba diving in Nha Trang. The diving is just half day. You can bring your kids and do the snorkeling. 

Yang Bay Waterfalls:
Yang Bay Water Falls

Is one day tour,where we booked in our hotel where we stayed at. Lunch is included in our tour. The best thing in this tour since it is exclusive we have our own time. We do swimming, relax and enjoy the beauty of Yang Bay Waterfalls. After a couple hours in Yang Bay Waterfalls,then go to Crocodile farm, and Dien Khanh Citadel. You have had  a chanced to see the south road  in Nha Trang, the farmers activities.

Vinpearl land:
Cable Car-going to Vinpearl Land

Is an island, amusement and water park. Kids would love here.The ride is quite exciting, over sea cable car.The cable car is included when you purchased a ticket of Vinpearl Land. I'll be honest the place is worth to visit for a day. 

We stayed for 7 days in Nha Trang and we really enjoyed the place. Everyday we went different excursions and enjoy the beauty of Nha Trang. 

How To get around:
Getting around in Nha Trang is by taxi, rent a car, bicycle.If you have to ride a taxi make sure you have to tell him by meter.