The Basics Of A Candy Basket

If it's difficult to find a gift for someone for a special occasion, you can always rely on the gift of candy. This is an item that you can give for holidays including Christmas and Halloween or for birthdays. There are also options if you want to make candy gift baskets for someone in college or to make someone's day a bit brighter. The first step in making a basket with candy is to find the right basket for the occasion. You can add small details to the basket to make it personalized for the recipient, such as a bow on the front or a few trinkets inside that can be used with the candy. Invest in craft sticks if you plan on using candy bars because they will stand up better in the foam block that you put at the base of the basket. 

An option to try if you don't want to use a basket is to tape or glue concession candy boxes in the shape of a square. You can then put a foam block in the center to hold the boxes in place and to hold the crafts sticks that are attached to the candy bars. Find candies that you know the person will like. If you aren't sure about what the person eats, then use a blend of candies that include chocolate, soft candies, and a few hard candies. Try to coordinate the candies with the occasion, such as pumpkins for Halloween or hearts for Valentine's Day. The basket that you use should also coordinate with the occasion. You could also put a ribbon around a white basket or one that is a neutral color. When all of the candy is in place, add the extra items that you want to include. A small balloon or a stuffed animal is a good gift idea to consider if you aren't sure what the person would like.



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