Make Your Next Family Vacation Educational and Fun

Make Your Next Family Vacation Educational and Fun

If you are like many parents, you hate to see your child’s education stop once the summer break begins. You can actually make learning fun and exciting by planning an educational family vacation this summer. Use some of the suggestions below to get you started.

Living History Presentations

One of the finest ways to learn about history is to visit a living history presentation. You’ll find great examples all over the country such as the ok corral reenactment in Tombstone Arizona or the revival of the historical city of Williamsburg in Virginia. There are also traveling presentations like the Civil War re-enactments that tour many of the old battle fields. The people that participate in these events dress, act, and talk like they are actually in that location and time period.

Hands on Experiences

Learning reaches far beyond history lessons. Consider taking your kids to a space camp where they can learn all about the univers and how we go about exploring its vastness. Even an aquarium that allows you to swim with the dolphins can be a wonderful learning opportunity. You could also sign up to learn a craft, trade, or sport related to the area you are vacationing in.


Museums are an excellent place to learn, but children can grow tired of these settings quickly. Be creative and search out museums that don’t necessarily look like museums. These will hold their interest much longer. It could be a zoo, a planetarium, or a tour of a candy factory like the one in Hershey Pennsylvania. Even Walt Disney World’s Epcot is filled with educational experiences about agriculture, other countries, and our oceans.
If you plan your family vacation just right, the kids may not even realize they are learning. Instead they will remember a fun and exciting time spent with their parents over the summer break. Imagine their surprise when they hear their teacher discussing something they actually experienced while on vacation.


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