Drive and Save: How To Plan a Road Trip That Won't Break The Bank

Going on a road trip is one of the great, simple pleasures of life. Saddle up, pack supplies, make a great road trip playlist, choose a route and explore. The ultimate spontaneous break, and a great bonding experience with friends or with a partner. The downside to all this can be the cost. You may think a road trip is relatively cheap, but once you factor in fuel and accommodation, the price can quickly rise. Here’s how to enjoy your trip without the financial sting in the tail..

Pack Your Own Snacks

It sounds like a minor thing, but the cost of snacks and drinks along the way can quickly mount up, especially if you’re buying at roadside stores and service stations. These places know that they have a captive audience, and the prices they charge reflect that. Your best bet is try and visit a cash and carry place, hypermarket or even a discount store and fill the boot of your car with easy-to-eat snacks and bottled or canned drinks before you go -  you can even make this a part of the trip if you like!

Prep Your Vehicle

It's a wise idea to book in for a comprehensive vehicle service package before taking any long trips in the car, so shop around for deals on servicing to make sure your wheels are good to go. If it's about time to change your vehicle, consider used car loan rates before purchasing a vehicle -  there are big savings to be had if you choose a car a year or so old, with a low mileage and a full service history. Give yourself time to get used to the new car before heading off on your trip.

Benefit From Bonus Points

As you’re going to be purchasing a fair amount of fuel, make sure that you do two things - use a website to find the best fuel prices and also take into account any bonus schemes. Sainsbury’s and BP both offer Nectar points on fuel purchases, so you could be benefitting from a lot of rewards! Doing a summer road trip could mean a heap of points which you can put towards the costs of Christmas - thereby netting you a saving!
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Accommodation Savings

A big cost of a road trip can be the overnight stays along the way, so consider how to offset these. One way is by choosing to camp. The cost of a pitch on a campsite is much lower than a hotel, and it adds to the adventure. Buying a tent second-hand from an auction or local deals site will pay for itself in a few nights, and you can find yourself staying in some gorgeous coastal or countryside locations that will lead you off the beaten track and towards some new adventures. If you don’t want to do camp, making reservations ahead of time is likely to save you more money than turning up somewhere at the last minute. Look into the loyalty schemes of big chains like Premier Inn - you may be able to get some nights free when you book a certain amount.


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