5 things I learnt in Visiting Disney Magic Kingdom with kids on Holidays

I've visited  Disney World during holidays weekend and I learnt it's completely different from a normal days.This time I have a 5 year old girl and she is fascinated with Princess Belle  ( from the movie Beauty and the Beast) and Princess Elsa (from the movie Frozen). My husband and I debating if it is the right time to bring our daughter in Disney. I wrapped-up all things I needed and decided to give my daughter dream come true.

We went to Orlando Florida for a week and picked the day of Monday to visit the Disney World Magic Kingdom. Little M was  excited and woke up so early whilst I'm still sleepy but no choice when my big boss was awake.

Around 7:15 we arrived in the park and it's already crowded and immediately went to the pier to go in Magic Kingdom.From there I learnt the:

5 things I learnt in Visiting Disney Magic Kingdom with kids on Holidays:

1.Don't walk when the Stroller behind you-Watch  out for yourself. Some parents forget their etiquette,they're in a hurry to go and run you.It happens to us many time so my husband told me don't walk when the stroller's behind you.

2.Reserve with  Fastpass-It is important to skip the long queue or else you're wasting your time all day. Like the Princess Hall where you can see the Princess Elsa and Anna.The waiting line was 240 minutes if you could believe it.
Little M first ride

3.Arrived 15 minutes before the live show-During holidays it's a lot of people out there with there kids, friends and family. Make sure to plan your spot so you can enjoy the show without worrying your kids and listening the whine " I can't see".

4.Stay in the Disney Resort- We did not stay in the Disney Resort at this time and my husband and I regret it.There is a full benefits staying the resorts, not to mention the extended theme hours and you can go back to your hotel and let your kids take a nap if it needed.

5.Buy at least 4-day ticket-If you want a good saving and enjoy the theme park, you need to buy at least 4-day ticket and not rushing and pushing yourself in the middle of the crowd.
Under the Sea

My daughter already asking when we're going to go back in Disney World. I experienced the peak season so I decided to go back during off-season were I can enjoy and not experiencing the same  or much crowd and waste my time in queue.

More Photos:
Enchanted Tales with Belle
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
We dined in Be Our Guest Restaurant
Dream Along With Mickey
Frozen-Little M is in seventh heaven when she saw her favorite Princess

Disclosure: Thank you  Disney World for  the complimentary tickets. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about my  travel experience.


  1. Thank you for the tips Sis :-) your daughter is so beautiful :-) Disney is still in our bucket list.

  2. I love how your princess stares at Belle with amazement. So cute.

  3. Definitely buy a 4-day ticket and the fast pass is good too. That's what we did when we went to Disney Florida four years ago. It's fun but the walking and too much crowd wears you down lol.

  4. Kahit wala akong matutunan basta makarting lang ng Disney Magic Kingdom. Kidding aside, good tips here Sis.

  5. Visiting Disney is certainly on my wishlist. And I will remember your tips. Love the photos.

  6. Very nice tips and this visit should be planned in advance and enough amount to pay.

  7. The fast pass can really make you enjoy more facilities. The queue time can really waste a lot of your time better yet go for longer visits like you suggested, 4 days.

  8. Seeing all those lovely Disney Characters! I bet your little princess really had a magical day because her dream came true! Lucky kiddo. Will keep in mind all your tips!


  9. I have never been to Disneyland but I would love to, the tips are great by-the-way!

  10. I totally agree with your list! Visiting the park is one thing, but if you're planning to bring out the best of your Disney experience, plan it wisely and ready your budget for paying extras (it'll be worth it).

  11. Disney is really a magical place where all people regardless of age can have fun. Next time we shall stay in the Disney Resort, however costly it may be. It'll be worth the experience anyway.

  12. These tips will surely come in handy if and when we visit Disney Magic Kingdom, too. Thanks for sharing, sis!

  13. How I wish I can have the money and time to bring my kids at Disney too! Thanks for the tips, they may come in handy soon!

  14. I think it's really important to use Fastpass to avoid long lines :) When it comes to travelling kasi, time is really more than gold. Hehe

  15. Sana I have the bucks to bring my wife sa Disney.. Nice tips here.