Saltwater Grill in Fairhope, Alabama

We went in Fairhope, Alabama last year and had a chance to dine-in on Saltwater Grill Restaurants. During our vacation it wasn't busy and cold,good thing I brought winter coat or else I'm oops. 

Thanksgiving week is just like miss or hit the cold spot and it was freezing cold and windy so we ended up headed back home after 5 days. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to see the place and enjoy sometimes. My family was with me and my in-laws which makes our vacation memorable especially for my daughter.

One night we decided to dined in Saltwater Grill  which is a casual dining and  friendly family restaurants. It wasn't busy at all and we got a table  without waiting.

The food was good but nothing great. My husband order the oyster which he told me is average.

Here are some of the yummy foodies:
I think this the corn bread
Caesar Salad

He order oyster all the the time

Over all I had a great time and I enjoyed our vacation Alabama vacation where you can read here.



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