Best Winter Destinations In Canada For Non-Skiers

Canada is much more than a skiing destination for those that visit during the winter. It is a shame to notice the fact that there is such a misconception. In order to shed it, here are some really impressive travel destinations that you will want to consider if you want more than skiing this year. 

Whistler is known as the ski capital of Canada but it is also a great destination for non-skiers. There are many resorts that will offer a multitude of non-ski activities from ice climbing and snowmobiling to winter fishing and sleigh rides. You just need to equip yourself with the best VPN when you are in Canada and you can even visit when you have to be contacted at all times as you are connected to a business. As a recommendation, make sure that you will try zip lining since the experience is awesome. 

La Mauricie National Park
You can enjoy a stain in an otentik, which is a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin. This gives you access to a really interesting outdoor activity that gives you the chance to experience the La Mauricie National Park as it should be experienced. The entire family can enjoy activities like snowshoeing, winter hiking and Nordic walking, while the nights will be cozy. Try to visit during the Defis due Parc Nordique festival. 

Cambridge – Ontario
The main attraction point here is Langdon Hill, a resort that was voted as being the best Canadian hotel by the Conde Nast Traveller magazine. It is a great inn and gives you access to popular gourmet getaways. Food lovers will love what is offered, together with spa treatments and archery lessons. This is a great location if you just want to relax and get away from your busy daily schedule. 

Lake Louise – Alberta
If you are looking for winter sports, Lake Louise is a popular destination. If you do not want to go skiing, you can always enjoy horseback riding, dogsledding, skating, ice-fishing and snowshoeing here. If you are in the area, you will want to consider the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. It offers a really interesting ice-lounge that is close to Lake Louise. The experience there is quite romantic, which is what you will love. 

There are so many outdoor adventures that can be experienced even within the city’s limits like ice-skating and even cross-country skiing. Experience Mont Royal with a pair of strap-on snow shoes and try to go to the city during the Montreal en Lumiere, which is a culinary festival that takes place between February and March. 

Gatineau National Park

You will love this park. It is located really close to Ottawa and gives you access to snow-shoeing and winter hiking. You will want to consider the Lauriault Trail and the SugarBush Trail and you can have a guide with you if you never enjoyed such an activity before. Skating is available and the foodies can even enjoy a culinary class at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu in the downtown Ottawa area. 

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  1. Montreal and Ontario would be my picks if ever we visit the country.