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Top Three European Skiing Excursions

Are you an avid lover of skiing? Does the thought of seeing a large sheet of white snow over voluptuous mountains excite you? Skiing is, without a doubt, unlike any other winter adventure. With winter here, it isn’t too shocking that skiing is one of the best activities to embark on for a holiday experience this year. With your Dynastar skis and your waterproof pants, you’re ready to take on the slopes—but where should you venture out to this time?

Europe is known for having some of the absolute best skiing out there. All you have to do is decide what type of ski town you want to visit as well as what kind of culture you want to experience. For three of the best skiing areas in Europe, refer to the list below.

Courchevel, France
Ski holidays in Courchevel, France are absolutely awe-inspiring. The area offers roughly 93 miles worth of skiing enjoyment. Courchevel is particularly good for anyone who is new to skiing, since there are areas designated strictly for newbies. However, more experienced skiers can take advantage of the 34 red and 8 black runs which will test your technique and talent. Courchevel boasts some of the most breathtaking views around for skiers in parts such as Mont Blanc, La Grande Casse, and Les Ecrins. In addition to skiing, you can go skating, tobogganing, or ice climbing in Courchevel. It is definitely worth a visit.
Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
Why not visit Europe to ski and then eat some of the world’s most delicious foods? In Cortina d’Ampezzo, you can. This is one of Italy’s more famous ski resorts—in fact, this is where the Winter Olympics were staged during the 1950s. Much like Courchevel, Cortina d’Ampezzo can provide skiers with different levels of difficulty. Bring your favorite pair of Dynastar skis and get going at this famous ski resort close to delightful Italian cuisine.
St. Anton, Austria
St. Anton has a charming town which is full of alpine tradition. This part of Austria provides over two hundred miles of runs for skiers of all sorts. While you are in St. Anton, you can visit either Lech or Zürs simply by skiing on over. Lech is a village containing an unbeatable selection of skiing slopes and is most suitable for intermediate skiers. Zürs is an ideal location for any beginning skier since it has less challenging slopes.  You will find some of the best and most exciting skiing trails in St. Anton, whether you decide to venture off to other nearby areas or not.
Of course, there are plenty of other places in Europe to go skiing. Take Switzerland, for example; you could experience the Swiss Alps firsthand. You could even go skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria which has a very modern feel to it. When it comes to choosing your skiing destination in Europe, make sure to consider which type of culture you want to experience the most, or simply choose one of these three highly reputable areas.

John Bowie is a skiing expert. He particularly loves skiing in Vail, Colorado and in France. He lives in Philadelphia, PA.


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