6 Interesting Things to Do On Holiday in Lanzarote

All over the world there are exciting holiday destinations where you can enjoy unique and unforgettable experiences. The Canary Islands are no different. The island of Lanzarote is one of the most popular with tourists, but why do thousands of people flock to the island each and every year?
They’re not just going for the beaches. In fact, there are so many other things to do in Lanzarote that it’s possible to fill a fortnight without once setting foot on the beach. From drinking in the cocktail bars to enjoying seafood dinners overlooking harbours, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied. Here are six of the more interesting things that draw people to the island:
Volcano Food
Lanzarote is a volcanic island. Though there have been no eruptions since 1824, the landscape is still coated in dust and ash. At the Timanfaya National Park, tour guides will show you how the ground underfoot can be hot enough to set fire to grass and twigs less than a metre below the surface, though the real appeal for many is the El Diablo restaurant where food is cooked BBQ-style over a much larger hole.
Vineyard Tours
The Lanzarote landscape is a remarkable sight. Vineyards, with their vines protected from the wind by semi-circular stone walls, spread far and wide across fields of blackened dust. On a vineyard tour you’ll learn more about what makes the Lanzarote soil so perfect for vines, and how wines are produced on the island.
Camel Riding
On a Lanzarote holiday you can experience the fun of a camel ride – they’re faster than you’d expect! Seats hanging over the camel’s hump are designed so that two tourists can ride on each animal, and you’ll be taken on a short scenic walk led by a professional.
You’ll see some unusual animals on your stay in Lanzarote, though none are more abundant than the brown Haria Lizard. They’re particularly easy to spot on the walls of buildings, and they might find their way into your villa if you’re staying in a popular tourist spot like Playa Blanca, Costa Teguise, Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen. They’re well adapted to the warm Lanzarote weather, but they love to hide out in cool spots under shelters.
Panning for Gold
The Rancho Texas Park is a Wild West themed Lanzarote park where you can go canoeing on the Indian Lake, ride a pony through the desert or stop for a bite to eat at the Wild Horse Saloon. Don’t leave without a visit to the Gold Mine, where you can pan for gold nuggets to trade in for prizes.
A Submarine Adventure
You might have tried a boat tour, but have you been in a submarine? Lanzarote submarine tours take you down below the waves, to see the colourful creatures and plants that live under the sea. You could go diving, but a submarine tour is an activity that all ages can enjoy – and it’s a little less energetic!
Have you been to Lanzarote? Do you have any other unusual experiences to add to our list? Which would you most like to try, if you’ve not already been to the island? Comment below and share your thoughts.
This article was written by Sarah Leah, an avid fan of travel. 


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