Memories to keep: 5 Family Photoshoot Ideas

5 Family Photoshoot Ideas
Family is the most important part of our lives.  Capturing memories with your loved ones is becoming easier with technology, but finding that perfect setting is what counts the most.  There are hundreds of scenes or environments that can be used for a family photo shoot.  
Beach Shots
Beaches are very popular when it comes to captulating those special vacation memories.  So many families spend time at the beach during vacation, and this is the perfect time to get that family portrait.  Not only does the scenery make beautiful photographs on its own, but it also captures a fun and exciting time in your life.  Beaches are very versatile to your family's personality. When it comes to settings, there are endless possibilities.  If your family is very laid back then right against the waves or running in the water would be great.  Everyone loves the footsteps in the sand, especially with younger kids.  There is the pier if you are looking for more sky and scenery or even right in the sand.  Anytime of day is beautiful, but right when the sun is setting makes for the perfect amount of light and emotion.

There are several beautiful parks in the area.  If you are a family with young children, this setting is perfect.  You can create a great playful setting on the playground equipment, after all, this is where the kids spend a lot of time.  Find a park that has great trees and open grass.  This gives more options for staging.  Shaded pictures under trees and beautiful or playing in the open field show your family's togetherness.
If your family loves the outdoors and hike then a mountain or tree scenery is great.  Mountains are beautiful and offer so many options to accommodate your family's style.  Pictures on the trails are great and even bikes can be used as a prop.  If you go to the mountains to relax, there are unlimited possibilities for pictures that show the mountain sky or outdoors.  
The home is a wonderful place to have a photo shoot.  There is nothing more real than having your picture at the place you create all of your memories.  This is especially true to those who live on farm or country settings.  There are so many options when you have a lot of property.  You can pick your favorite gathering spot, backyard, in the front of your house or even indoors when possible. 
Open Field
An open field is a great place to use props that fit your family's interests or for a certain season.  For fall, finding an open area with beautiful trees and fall leaves is great.  You can bring along personal items that speak about your family and who they are.  This is simple and broad if you don't want anything too narrow. 
There are so many options when deciding on a spot for a family photoshoot for pictures.  The best thing is to find a setting that fits your family's personality to create more natural photographs.   
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