Shaving Trends from Around the World: Male Grooming Needs Across Cultures

Without a doubt, the aesthetics of facial hair and other grooming trends are not universal: different societies and cultures value different facial hair styles within the male segment of the population. Yet the new fascination with shaving worldwide is no accident on the part of the male grooming market. Investors, engineers, and marketing agencies have been amassing data about the shaving trends worldwide and across cultures, and have been studying how to integrate grooming routines into cultures that traditionally do not shave or use depilatories.

Market Boom of Shaving Products Worldwide:

By the year 2015, market analysts expect the global shaving products market to reach over $33 Billion - which is pushed by changing aesthetics worldwide and technological innovations in the field of shaving products for men. Of course, women’s shaving needs are also contributing to the increases in the market, which have been rising steadily throughout the past decade. The market has changed worldwide due to the development of male fashion and lifestyle magazines with a high readership, which has led to increasing awareness and advertisement that is targeted to new consumer groups. Developing markets have been the fastest to change: part of modernization in fashion in these areas is to shed the traditional facial hair of the past, and to adopt a clean-shaven, Hollywood actor look.

Accounting for the Development of the Shaving Market

As new brands and products have launched, more consumers have demanded more high-end and high-quality disposable products that facilitate quick and clean shaving without breaking their budget limits. Some of the best shaving items available internationally can be found from the company The Art of Shaving, which provides exotically-scented and top-quality shaving tools, creams, and facial care products.  The biggest brands have presented new razors, cartridges, and disposable shavers that drive the global market for shaving products. Europe is the leader in the global shaving product market, representing close to one third of the international market for shaving needs. The United States is also towards the top of the list, right behind the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region in the male shaving product market. As economies are developing within the Asia-Pacific region, disposable income is being devoted to depilatory, shaving, and other personal grooming products. The Latin American region is also worth approximately $2.6 billion in the shaving products market, and market analysts predict that this market will follow the trends already established in the Asia-Pacific region in the upcoming decade. 

What Products, Styles, and Trends are Popular Worldwide?

One of the biggest trends in shaving worldwide is the increased use of shaving cream. Many cultures have been using blades and razors - whether electric or manual - but the use of protective creams has not been a standard worldwide in developing countries, at least until recent years. Shaving practices vary from culture to culture. In India, for example, most men rely on their local barber to use a long, sharp blade to trim and remove extra hair. Turkish men are known for their use of heavily sculpted moustaches in fashion - which has led to amazing developments in hair transplant technology, as men aim to grow thicker and more stylish moustaches even if not genetically predisposed to do so. The same beauty procedure is also used to help men grow thicker and longer beards, as the hair follicles that are transplanted allow the hair to continue growing normally and healthily even when grafted onto different skin.

Considering the American male population, 2013 has been predicted to witness a lot of amazing facial hair grooming trends. We have already witnessed incredible new takes on beards and moustaches as a result of the hipster movement - even leading to tattoos of curled moustaches elsewhere on the body. There is expected to be a 24% increase in development of new products in the male shaving and grooming lines as well. Whether or not you want to embrace the current shaving and grooming trends, the evidence points to an increased in modern shaving trends worldwide, crossing cultural boundaries and countering traditional grooming norms, even in developing areas.



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