Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Hire Chelmsford Will Delight Children and Adults Alike

We all know that bouncy castles are a sure fire hit at a children’s birthday party or other family event, but we’re in no way restricted by one, traditional type of inflatable. With inflatable hire Chelmsford, you are easily able to hire the exact product you want, whether that’s a classic bouncy house, an inflatable slide, assault course, garden game or other type of bouncy castle. With any of these products, you’ll amaze and delight the children attending your party, and the adults will probably have no problem enjoying them too!
Different occasions call for different types of inflatables, with one group of children preferring the thrill of an inflatable slide and another more enthusiastic by something like inflatable sumo wrestler suits. Of course, the most common type of inflatable is the bouncy castle or bouncy house, which has the ability to entertain children, teenagers and adults alike. These are great if you have a varied age group, but make sure you hire a bouncy castle that’s suitable for all ages.

Or you can opt for an inflatable slide, which come in a variety of sizes and heights, some attached to bouncy castles and some independently built. These are a little more exciting and are great for older children, and the size determines whether adults will be able to enjoy it alongside the younger party attendees. 
The ultimate inflatable, however, is probably the assault course, which vary considerably in size and shape. Some of the simpler ones are best enjoyed by children, but you can buy incredibly complicated courses that are perfect for use at team building events or icebreakers. This depends on what kind of event you’re hiring the assault course for and, of course, the size of your venue but, either way, inflatable assault courses are a brilliant alternative to traditional bouncy castles.
Then there are more general games that use inflatable components to make things safer and/or more portable. Why not hire an inflatable football goal or sumo wrestling kit? These games provide hours of fun for all genders and ages, and are a completely safe activity for you to provide at a children’s birthday party or school event. It allows children to play without constant supervision, as inflatable products for hire are made extra safe for the peace of mind of parents.
With inflatable hire Chelmsford, there are so many options that all you have to worry about is finding a venue large enough to house them all! Children will never cease to be amazed by bouncy castles and other inflatables but, with the wide range of products to choose from, there’s no reason why adults can’t enjoy them just as much. A family gathering or town fete is instantly taken to the next level with inflatable hire Chelmsford, and your guests are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.
Mega Leisure is an Essex based company specialising in bouncy castle hire, offering an extensive range of high quality bouncy castles and related products.


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