Lunch at Genghis Grill-Mongolian BBQ

Hubby and I like to try new things even in food. We both have the same taste and we like seafoods most of the time. We had lunch at Genghis Grill which is a Mongolian BBQ. This is different restaurants I've been dine-in. Well, I would say am planning to go back the food suit to my taste buds and I love it.

A hostess escorted us in our table and gave a bowl which you build your own bowl starting with different  vegetables,meat and seafoods then pour  some  BBQ sauce of your choice, pepper, salt and etc.Then you're ready to give to the chef where you can see they will cook your food in the huge frying pan and you have choices to add up  from rice, noodles, or yaki noodles.
It is like a self service so once your number has called you opt to stand or the employee would give it to you once they see it, its done.

It was great experienced to dine in this kind of restaurants and the food was fair enough for us and tickle our picky taste buds.



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