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Your Guide to Australia

It might be the allure of the beaches, kangaroo burgers, the world’s deadliest spiders, or the mesmerising sound of the didgeridoo – whatever the case, thousands of travellers flock to Australia year round. Because Australia is such a large place, spending a month exploring should be strategically planned out, so as not to miss the best sights.

Getting around. 
There are plenty of different ways to get around Australia that cater to any budget and preferences. Taking a plane will allow a traveller to cover the most ground possible in the shortest time, but comes at the highest cost. Trains are an efficient way to travel, and those in Australia are particularly well known for their excellent photo taking ops. People hoping to meet up with other travellers often travel by bus, which as the added perk of drivers doubling as tour guides, plus many buses offer hop-on-hop-off options. For people who prefer being in the driver’s seat, car rentals are widely available - just remember to keep to the left hand side of the road. Once a means of transportation is selected, it’s time to map out the best route.

For the beach bums. 
Anyone who wants to spend some time in the Australian sun has endless stretches of coastline to look forward to. The coastal highlights of the land are Fraser Island, Byron Bay and Brisbane. Travelling by car along the picturesque path from Sydney to Darwin takes about three weeks, which leaves just enough time to take in an Outback adventure afterwards!

The adventure seekers.
There’s no shortage of activities for active people in Australia, with a variety of cycling, hiking, climbing, paddling and diving trips available, to suit every level of experience and any budget. Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef are known for their adventure activities, and be sure to check out some free falling action in a tropical rainforest, at the Cairns Bungy Tower.

The travellers who don’t want to miss a thing. 
For the travellers who want to explore Australia inside out, a fail-proof itinerary option is to go clockwise by state, starting in Sydney, heading to New South Wales, and moving onwards to Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia. Then cruise up the west coast and to the Northern Territory, and across to Queensland. There may not be much time for dawdling, but this methodical travel approach ensures a well-rounded experience.

Mandatory stops. 
No matter which route you choose, be sure to include some of Australia’s most beloved traveller activities; snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, taking a Bush tour into the Outback, visiting Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon, catch some sunny warm weather in Queensland, and visiting Australia’s biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

No matter what your preferences, Australia has something that is sure to please. So sell unwanted dvds, grab your sunglasses, adventurous spirit and bug spray, and be prepared for an unforgettable vacation.


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