The Road Trippers Fantastical Hand Book

If you have the time, there really is nothing better than getting in your car and taking a road trip through Europe. Road trips offer us the chance to enjoy a holiday on our own terms and at our own pace, with the locations and cultures to be found along the way being truly fascinating.

What these types of holidays offer you over traditional types is the freedom of being able to anything that you want and go anywhere you please whenever you see fit. You get to see parts of the countries that you probably wouldn’t be able to if you travelled to them by using another form of transport such as a plane or train.
So, if you have decided that you would like to give a road trip a try, let me share with you some of the very best routes that will make the most of your driving experience.

Mount Blanc Tunnel:
This tunnel goes on for more than seven miles and has a different country at either end as it links both France and Italy. You could use the tunnel yourself as part of a road trip that begins in Geneva, Switzerland, which takes you through France and finishes in Florence in Italy. This road trip will provide you with some jaw dropping scenery that includes both coastline and mountains.

Basque Country:
If stunning scenery is what you are looking for then there is not much better than what can be found on a drive through the Basque country in Spain. This road trip will allow you to see the Pyrenees in both countries if you start out in Bilbao and then head to Pamplona and then on to Biarritz before following the road back down along the coast.
What about Norway?
If mountains are not your thing, then you could always think about taking in the sublime landscape of the fjords in Norway instead. The scenery in the country is nothing short of breath-taking. You could take a drive from the capital Oslo all the way to Bergen, with you travelling through all of the small towns and villages along the way.
Norway is not often thought of as a top holiday destination, although I personally feel that it is incredibly underrated.

The Alps:
If you desire classic scenery combined with historical sites then a road trip through the Bavarian Alps has to be at the top of your list. It has a whole host of castles littered across some glorious countryside, with many of them built by King Ludwig.
You can drive from Lake Constance and take a route through many small towns and villages such as Oberammergau which will take you past all of those historical castles.

The Highlands:
If you fancy taking a drive in the UK, then you could always take a drive through the Highlands of Scotland. Just begin your journey from Edinburgh and head towards the Isle of Skye and you will not be disappointed with the quality of scenery as well as the excellent nature that is on offer for your enjoyment. Scotland has some of the most glorious landscapes in the whole of the UK and therefore you will not be disappointed if you choose to take this route.

Now that you have these options to think about, you are halfway to getting ready for your road trip. Just remember to make sure that your car is in good working order before setting out as there really is nothing worse than having to deal with issues such as gearbox problems. Also make sure that you bring plenty of snack foods and liquids as there could be times when you are a long way from a town or village which sells food and drink.

Calvin Ford is a writer who believes that everyone should plan a road trip for their holiday this year as the scenery can often be breath-taking. However, if you are going on a driving holiday, he recommends checking your car over to ensure that you do not incur things like gearbox problems.



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