How Important is antivirus software?

I work at my PC everyday and I love to download anything I seen in internet that's related in photography software. I notice my computer speed slow down and had so much problems I encounter everyday. I can't play for an hour without any problem.It was a pain and a headache and  I pout to hubby and complain my problems. 

Once I commenced the present job the work  at home, hubby decided to clean up my computer and bought a virus scanner.  After the cleaned-up done, I notice my computer is like brand new and the performance has a huge difference.

Some sort of malware search within is usually a application that will informs anyone when some thing unsavory is able to to reach your personal computer. A good thing about this is actually which it commonly informs anyone before a problem becomes some sort of problem. Today, I can't live without any antivirus installed in my PC. 

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  1. Yes, it is very important with aa anti virus program:)